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    GenoHaradan Legacy

    Is there any possible way to run the mod on non-English version of the game? I mean, I know the content of the mod would stay in English, but it would be important to keep the rest of the game in another language. I tried to install it on Polish and German versions, but as far as I go to Telos and the Genoharadan killer arrives to the TSF security cells, I cannot choose any dialogue lines, because they disappear and the game is stuck. I would very appreciate the help. Thank you.
  2. Shame that instead of doing KOTOR 3, they are doing such a mess...
  3. I agree. KOTOR 2 had a different approach. It's more mature and better.
  4. Jacobss

    i lol'ed

    It`s indeed very nice.
  5. Any news about this mode? It would be great to hear something new.
  6. I hope we will be able to win with the reapers.