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MOD:[K1] Tariga Gender on Tamlen DLG Fix

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[K1] Tariga Gender on Tamlen DLG Fix

[K1] Tariga Gender on Tamlen DLG Fix


This mod will fix the inconsistency with one of the Sith Student/Tamlen dialogue which describe Tariga as a female/she while in fact [by appearance and gender-check] Tariga is a male/he. In dialogue with Tamlen he will describe Tariga as a "he" now. In addition to that, this mod will also change Tamlen's display name to his specific [formerly Sith Student].

Don't worry about the voice-overs inconsistency; this mod takes care of that. It will now heard as "he" instead of "she", in addition to the aforementioned text fix.


With v1.0.0 release I aim to have the mod its standalone LIP, to perfectly incorporate the lip-sync. The current version fits very well with the vanilla LIP in use - though started from the change which is "he" section, there's a fraction of milliseconds differences between the lip and the VO.

There's always room for improvements - critiques, comments, suggestions, questions and feedbacks for the next update are much appreciated - PM, write them on my feed or leave any on the mod's page as you please. And thank you! for downloading, and playing this mod.


Hope you enjoy the mod as much as I do!


Installation: run the installer [TSLPatcher.exe] then hit the [Install Mod ->] button!

  • This will adds new entries to your game's dialog.tlk - where they stored strings of dialogues for the game. If you didn't wish the mod to do so you may want to cancel the installation
  • This only been tested with the English version of the game; it is full working and leave no unwanted bugs whatsoever, so be advised then

Uninstallation: run the installer [TSLPatcher.exe], and choose Uninstall option. Also, by keeping the installlog after the installation will help you to track which files goes to where

Compatibility: will be compatible with mostly anything that is on the surface by now, though it won't be compatible with mods that share the same scope with it. For assurance of this mod to work, just install this mod much later after every mods has, or try to avoid mods that force-overrides shared content with this mod

For this mod to be fully effective you should at least load a saved game before entering the Sith Academy [korr_m35aa] module

The mod was play-tested with KotOR 1 Restoration/K1R and K1:Community Patch/K1CP installed and is compatible with them

Redistribution: if you want to redistribute the mod - just go with it. Though less likely I will provide supports to any other place than DeadlyStream. And be kindly; give credits to where it's due. If you are to re-use an assets to a project you will be releasing, you don't have to ask for permission - but your generous intention is very much welcome. I'd love to know what others are up too, particularly if my work are included. And then, make sure to credit BioWare & LucasArts with the release - particularly with the inclusion of the assets. An appreciation to this lil' peasant work here is also a very warm welcome, welcome. :cheers:


  • The Almighty Force which gave me chance to finish the mod
  • BioWare & LucasArts for developing one of the best RPG I've played
  • DarthParametric for past-present knowledge which allows me to create customs and for all the outstanding creation that I am a fan of
  • JCarter426 & Inyri Forge for all their awesome work that I look up to - I learned a lot from their mod setup and been practicing a lot using their method
  • ROTNR for Creating Module Files in KotOR tutorial - which guides me on packaging the custom module
  • Fred Tetra for the amazing KotOR Tool
  • Chrysocome and John Newbigin for dd
  • stoffe for the magnificent TSL Patcher, TLKEd, ERFEdit, et cetera, and Fair Strides for later improves them
  • VarsityPuppet for 2DA Editor Alpha
  • TK102 for K-GFF
  • Werner Rumpeltesz for PlainEdit.NET
  • Notepad++team for Notepad++
  • The Audacity Team for Audacity
  • All the Tool Makers wasn't mentioned - can't make it without y'all! :respect:
  • All the inspiring streamers on DeadlyStream
  • All the inspiring modders either active or inactive
  • DeadlyStream for being a home; a place to hangout - to discuss and hosting my work
  • DeadlyStream staffs for tirelessly improving and maintaining the site
  • Snigaroo for hosting #mod_development on Discord > r/kotor - thanks! The place is so much fun - and inspiring! :jarjar:


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  • Submitted
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  • K1R Compatible


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