MOD:Control Panel For Kashyyyk Shadowlands Forcefield

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Control Panel For Kashyyyk Shadowlands Forcefield

This mod makes some minor changes to the forcefield in the Upper Shadowlands on Kashyyyk that gates access to the Lower Shadowlands. In the vanilla game, the forcefield is never actually disabled. Rather, the sound effect is simply turned off while the camera is pointed away from the forcefield, followed by an immediate area transition. It appears that Bioware did this due to issues with opening and closing doors via scripting. Additionally, there are no apparent controls for the forcefield, simply a frame and the field itself.

The level model containing the forcefield has been edited to add a computer panel, fix a gap above the forcefield via some adjustments to the frame geometry, move some vines out of camera shot during dialogue, and prevent grass planes from spawning too close to the ramp and clipping through. The dialogue that occurs when interacting with the field has had some scripts injected to play animations implying that the forcefield is being switched off via the control panel. Jolee will now approach the control panel when the dialogue starts, and will face it when disabling the field. The field itself is now shown shutting down before the party transitions to the Lower Shadowlands. Additionally, there appears to have been an error in leaving out a script on one of the nodes that would stop Jolee from saying "You aren't going to ask about it?" even if you had actually asked about it, which has been fixed.


  • The K1 Community Patch puts an edited version of the module's OnEnter script in the Override. After installing this mod, copy and paste k_pkas24aa_enter.ncs from the "K1CP Compatibility" folder into your Override folder, overwriting when prompted. K1CP's Tach gland fix is preserved in the provided compatibility file.
  • If you are using a mod that forcibly overwrites MOD files (like NPC Overhaul), make sure you install that mod first. This mod will patch a pre-existing kas_m24aa.mod in the Modules folder.
  • Not compatible with any other mod that replaces the same level model (m24aa_09a).
  • Not compatible with any other mod that puts kas24_force_01.dlg in the Override folder (although such a case should be fixable with a compatibility patch).

Known Issues:

  • In order to get the forcefield to close and function properly again after a level transition, it was necessary to resort to a hack function Bioware implemented for (presumably) the same issue they had with doors on the Yavin space station. In testing this has worked perfectly fine, however, the specifics of the hack are undocumented, so there may be edge cases I haven't encountered. If anyone experiences any issues with it, let me know.
  • As you can see in the video, there's a subtitle error for one of Jolee's lines. Fixing it is better left to dedicated dialog.tlk overhaul.
  • The mod doesn't touch the Lower Shadowlands module, so there's no active field or control panel on that side. Perhaps that could be an optional extra added in a future update.


  • Thanks to @A Future Pilot for permission to distribute a modified version of K1CP's k_pkas24aa_enter.ncs
  • Thanks to @JCarter426 for various scripting advice and troubleshooting, past and present
  • Thanks to @LiliArch  for correctly guessing that it wasn't just Bioware being lazy, which lead me to find Bioware's hack
  • Thanks to @bead-v for MDLEdit and KOTORMax
  • Thanks to @ndix UR for TGA2TPC
  • The control panel textures include a mishmash of various textures from The Old Republic MMO
  • The robes worn in the screenshots/video are from @JCarter426's Fashion Line I: Cloaked Jedi Robes for K1
  • Thanks to @ebmar for pointing out the lack of TSLPatcher.exe in the initial release


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Greetings, Thread Master!

Here to report that the installer seem to be invisible a.k.a there is no TSLPatcher included with the package. 😅

Looking forwards to constructive response of this report and many thanks in considering! :cheers:

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Classic DP content. Phenomenal. 

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9 hours ago, ebmar said:

Here to report that the installer seem to be invisible a.k.a there is no TSLPatcher included with the package. 😅

Oh god dammit....

Thanks for pointing that out. Fixed.

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Usual permanent addition to the game (and still excited for more DP marvels announced but yet to be released)!

I would only like to add that I found the head of the protagonist in the video to be such a great homage to DarthParametric's iconic icon appearance here at Deadlystream. ;)


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