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  1. ClassiCinematics has started on the K2 BIKs: 


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    2. N-DReW25


      @Sith HolocronThe mod is not incompatible with TSLRCM, it can still be used with the RCM (Hence is why its on the Reddit Build) but as TSLRCM removed the Sion BIK scene and replaced it with the in-game scene this new scene won't be seen by 99% of people because 99% of people use TSLRCM these days.


      The only scene players will see is the Harbinger arriving at Peragus.

    3. Snigaroo


      I don't believe that's accurate. I tested with Kainzorus's mod after the first revisions of the mod build, so with TSLRCM's base handling of the sequence in mind, and it did have clear changes to the camera and ingame elements during the cutscene. I could be mistaken--I make stupid mistakes plenty--but if it's so in this case, I don't know how I wouldn't have caught that the sequences are the same.

    4. zbyl2


      It seems that the linked Sion's arrival uses higher res BIK movies, but splits them the same way TSLRCM does. So it is definitely compatible with TSLRCM and noticeable in game. He even says it's an expansion of my version of Sion's arrival in the description.