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  1. Effixian's PMHC04 from K2 to K1

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    11 minutes ago, Effix said:

    It is what it is. There's probably animation/model differences between the 2 games that result in oddities.

    You gave me a good laugh when I tried it out, Effix. I guess Mullet Man can never be replaced!

  2. KOTOR 1 Community Patch

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    5 minutes ago, DarthParametric said:

    Any TLK mods like PC moderation definitely need to be installed before K1CP or you will get all sorts of broken StrRefs. But it looks like you're using @JCarter426's vision sequence mod there, which may be the problem.

    Yup, manually replaced the TLK first thing before the community patch and the vision sequence had no issue on my last playthrough so perhaps it and this patch don't work so well together.

  3. KOTOR 1 Community Patch

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    Love all the camera angle and small animation changes in the latest version, guys! The Twi'lek slave actually running out of the room and your PC facing the right direction in the duelling chambers breathe even more fresh life into this gem of a game.



    The only possible issue I've found so far, (though this could be a PC moderation responses glitch - first two mods on a fresh reinstall) is this kerfuffle whenever you have a dream scene. Dreaming of that sweet, sweeet dark side cruelty! Delicious...


  4. 11 hours ago, JCarter426 said:

    I don't see how that's possible. Everybody uses the same model.

    Maybe you overwrote some of the supermodel changes after installing. Try copying all the S_Male and S_Female files to Override and overwrite anything that's already there.

    I have a mod that gives you robes earlier, by the way.

    Cheers, JC, the male supermodels were from somewhere else somehow! I was also wondering if your new companion robe mod would be compatible with the Juhani Overhaul mod or if I should install them in a certain order. (Yeah I used that mod last playthrough but am rocking the Bendak Starkiller armour everywhere at the moment, Jon is a saint to turn to a Mandalorian armour-bedecked Jedi!)

  5. Bit strange for me. The supermodels flow and look delightfully swishy for all the Jedi NPCs in the enclave but trying to wear a robe of my own through KSE as soon as I get my saber crystal and it is a cardboard block with my heels punching through every step. Plus I had no issues or warnings during installation... Appending that, adding Bastila to my party early as soon as I step outside and the robe worked fine for her! (though her braids poke through the hood)

  6. PFHC02 HD

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    While the textures fix the seam issues, I think this one has undeniably lost the Mediterranean character of the original.

    The face and eyes seem flat and vacuous, like a doll's, whereas PFHC03 and 05 plus your Asian models have a real spark of life to them.

    It's the only one that won't be going in my Override I'm afraid... 😓