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  1. Any known incompatibility's? I cant get this to work. Whenever i cheat an item in, i get a grenade with no name or description...
  2. Marion Ash

    Skip Telos' Surface

    Is this compatible with the skip Peragus mod?
  3. Nope. As soon as i deleted TSLRCM, it worked.
  4. I've been using better texture mods for a while now but every mod I've used has never had a better corpse texture and its always bugged me. Can anyone make one?
  5. I love this mod. If only it worked with TSLRCM...
  6. @JCarter426 I have cheats enabled. Are there any mods that would conflict with it? Thank you for trying to help, and i love the saber workshop mod.
  7. @JCarter426Any idea why it wont spawn from using the command?
  8. Does this work with TSLRCM?
  9. @StellarExile So I shouldn't rely on it then?
  10. This says that its not compatible with TSLRCM, but when i tried it, it worked.
  11. Unfortunately i cannot get this to spawn from the console command...
  12. I disabled TSLRCM and it still won't work.