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  1. Here's the idea: Unique Shen and Rahasia heads Contrasting clothing for the Sandrals versus the Matales Alternate Old Commoner heads for Ahlan and Nurik (since at least those heads are underused in the game proper) Swap out Casus' generic corpse for one of the appropriate look/skin tone The only part I'm having trouble with is this last part. I would think the simplest way is to copy how the game does Nemo's corpse (invisible placeable with the dead NPC placed on top of it), but the tutorials I've seen either don't address this skill or assume greater knowledge of scripting than I currently have. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Bald Rukil with face tattoo concept
  3. Update: I'm considering implementing this change in the Undercity fully: tattooing all the Outcasts with the word "outcast" in Aurebesh somewhere on their face. It would be a separate option, of course. Rukil also has Sith script that roughly translates to Promised One.
  4. Alternate Rukil take more in line with his vanilla look.
  5. Aged Rukil up a bit but I'm still on the fence, and here's my Doba concept.
  6. Update: Gonna give Doba a unique jumpsuit as well, and I've tweaked Rukil a bit, fixing the scruff and adding sideburns. My one concern is that he may look too young to be old wrinkle-face. What do y'all think? Would I be better off color-correcting Jorak and just swapping out a few facial features?
  7. Update: Combined features from Vrook, Davik, and Deadeye Duncan for Rukil's unique head. Also went ahead and edited the Swoop Gang texture for Redros; he now has greener skin than the other Nikto.
  8. I'm currently working on a mod to combat some of the clone effect on Taris, and to make some immersion-level tweaks. I'm limiting myself to working off of existing Kotor textures, but so far I've got the following changes: I also want to give Rukil a new head; my current idea is to just take the old Asian commoner head he has and make it bald. I'm open to suggestions if anyone has any input. It's certainly the largest mod I've tried, so I don't mind taking time on it.
  9. I knew it would be. Thanks for the assist!
  10. I'm trying to load the edited ascii model to convert it back to binary, but I keep getting the same error. Anybody feel like seeing what went wrong? dia_nu-mdledit.mdl.ascii
  11. That did it! I figured I'd gone wrong somewhere. Thanks so much for the assist.
  12. Just tried and no such luck. I also tried changing the appearance body model/texture lines to a PC (wondering if maybe the commoner's body was messing something up) and, well.
  13. Same as the model I'm working from--that was one of my first tweaks when the head didn't show up originally.
  14. It's a retexture of Dustil's head, so it definitely exists as far as KotOR's systems should be concerned, and I'm using Dustil's head model just renamed properly using a hex edit. However, when I try to load the module to check, there is either no head or the terrifying black void with static/glowing eyes that I mentioned. It is quite odd imo.