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  1. Damn - talk about instant customer support - I´m learning mando from a little girl as i am writing this comment Keep up the good work!
  2. I am afraid i have to write another comment - i have the suspicion that your mod might mess up the stowaway quest with Sasha on board of the Ebon Hawk. At first i thought it might be the combination of several different mods that alter things in the ebon hawk modules, but i tried a fresh install with only widescreen mods and nothing else except your mod. Zaalbar informs me that someone was stealing supplies like usual but i cant investigate them or get the footsteps or Sasha to spawn. Trying another fresh install with your mod but overwriting the ebo module with the backup works. Maybe look into this if you or someone else also gets this bug?
  3. If you are using the Steam version, try the already patched .exe that DarthParametric kindly attached above. The only thing left to do is to copy the files from the k1hrm subfolder 16x9 2560x1440 to your Override.
  4. I like story additions like the mentioned BOS:SR - what exactly does this mod do? Is this a total conversion? An addition like BOS:SR? Where does it integrate, how do you start it, what is the actual content? Judging just from your screenshots this could just be a reskin of the base game where you give the PC Revans robes and lightsaber from the start and make Bastila look like Alek.
  5. Awesome mod! Works as intended and if you dont know what was cut you wont notice it - thats how smooth its integrated! Definiteley a permanent spot in my personal 195 mod build! I noticed that ultra chromy look as well when i recently reinstalled this masterpiece - no matter if i just use the vanilla install or K1CP or the ultimate Character Overhaul Mod. I found it a bit irritating to be honest so i installed a white sith trooper armor texture and got rid of it.
  6. yeah its a new PC and Win11 was preinstalled - drivers are up to date. Thanks for the help so far! I hope i will find a solution soon - or i will just play it retro style XD Edit: OH MY GOD! I tried it one last time with your files but on my Steam version - it finally works! Today is a good day! Thanks again for the help!
  7. okay - for a fraction of a second i actually had the full menu visible, but then the black space returned - when i tab out and hover over the task in the taskbar - the preview window also shows the correct menu. i´m starting to think this problem might be Windows related and not kotor...
  8. Do i use this instead of the files from k1hrm 1.5 or on top of them?
  9. Sadly that didnt work - i also found a different tutorial in YT claiming that this would only work If you use 1280x960. I tried it now with every single option (each time fresh Installation) and always get the same results. I even tried out a different swkotor.exe
  10. Will try that next - fingers crossed
  11. Hey, would you mind telling me your solution? Im having similar problems under Win11I followed the instructions of several guides multiple times but i always end up with the blank menu Screen. Win11, 2560x1440, 60hz, 100%scaling. fresh Install (old iso i still have from my original disc Version, original legit key) 1. I run the game to make sure it works. 2. Editable .exe from deadlystream. 3. Uniwis Patch. - 1024x768 I enter 2560x1440 - Patch successful. I Copy the files for 2560x1440 in the override folder. I enter 2560 and 1440 in the .ini under graphics options 4. I start the game, everything works but ofc its still in original resolution. 5. I follow the steps in the readme of the k1hrm 1.5 - i have tried both versions multiple times now, each with fresh installs - either miving the exe into the mod folder and only the modded one back or moving bat and exe into the games directory. I run the Bat. I enter 2560, 1440, yes, swkotor.exe It finishes, No Error. I copy the files from 16:9/2560x1440 into my Override. When i start the game i see this empty Main menu. And menu fix and HD menus dont change it either The only "progress" i made was when i let the bat run through two times in a row - then i had a huge black rectangle in the upper left corner and a sliver of the menu in HD in the right and bottom side of the Screen. Oh - and i also was so frustrated, that i bought it on steam as well, but with the same results... If anyone knows how i can fix this, pls let me know;)