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  1. How come there's two files with the same name? Which version should i download?
  2. The head doesnt turn properly as you run, for some reason if your mc looked at something on the right they will keep looking at that direction till they stop running instead of changing directions mid run. Taking out the S_ Models fixes the issue but i guess it will break the skirt once i get there.
  3. What's with all the extra folders?
  4. I have searched everywhere but i still haven't found a solution. Im on Windows 7 with the GoG version of the game, have taken ownership of the game's installation folder, made sure read only is off, run the installer as administrator, uninstalled and installed the game clean several times and the installation still breaks with this message. • Error: Unhandled exception: Cannot create file "C:\Users\Myname\Desktop\KotOR 1 Restoration-54-1-2\K1R_1.2\k1r_paztourney_tmp\enter_paz.ncs". Access is denied (0) Im honestly at my wits end with this thing, which is a shame cause i really wanted to try out this mod. EDIT Not sure if it has something to do with it but i figured out my computer is a 32 bit machine so i tried moving the installation folder on my windows 10 64 bit laptop and it installed completely fine, i'm in the process of moving the modded folder back to my other computer. So maybe the installer has issues with 32 bits systems? Who knows. Either that or the installer just dislikes Windows 7.