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  1. I actually always add this to the hidden compartment in the starboard cabin of the Ebon Hawk. That used to be Mission's room. Gives me a pang of nostalgia when I find it now.
  2. Surprising what a difference this makes to my story experience.
  3. Hmm. Would it be possible to create a new base item for each of the outfits, and then point each base item to the appropriate model? I've seen other mods do this, I believe. But it's no biggie. For now I've just edited your outfits to not be upgradeable. Their stats are awesome enough that they don't really need it anyway.
  4. So I wasn't the only one who found this annoying. Thanks for relieving my OCD. I'm one of those people who runs their character into corners and along walls just to get a complete map of an area. It also always annoyed me that you can download a map of every module on Citadel Station except Dock Module 126. And that map, too, is uncompletable.
  5. Any chance you could make these outfits show the correct models at the workbench? Right now all party outfits just show the generic clothing model. I really like the idea of upgradeable party outfits but seeing the wrong model every time I open them at the workbench is a bit immersion-breaking. You'd have to screw around in the appearance.2da, I expect, which is fairly outside my expertise.