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  1. I keep getting this error. I swear I did everything in the readme.
  2. Sorry, could you go into more detail here? I have gmax and kotormax installed correctly but the only toolbar to the left looks like this Where do I go from here?
  3. And the patch is gone! You were correct on the dark side heads though
  4. What i'm having an issue with is that the mdledit program won't let me open the mdx. Do I not need to convert those?
  5. Thanks! I was able to edit the mdl without issue but I'm having an issue with the mdx, am I not reading this right? Do I make the mdx an mdl?
  6. It seems the author of that mod hasn't been active in quite a while and I've never even heard of GMax, guess I'll have to suck it up. Thanks anyways and thank you for your contributions!
  7. Thanks for the response! Unfortunately, The mod that adds the hair also uses the same files and I assume renaming them obviously isn't a fix. Will the community patch update include an alternative solution or is it possible for me to merge the files somehow?
  8. Hi, I'm using a couple mods together But I get this weird patch on the face Would anybody here know how I might fix it? It only appears on that side of the face from what I can see. Thanks in advance.