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  1. So I was able to get the helmet in game and it looks perfect. However when I try to move when I'm wearing the helmet the game immediately crashes.
  2. Looks great to me. Just 2 question which I probably should have asked before, will it work on Kotor 1 because all of the previous screenshots have been on Kotor 2, and will I be able to find it in game or will I have to use console commands.
  3. Yes definitely still interested and I can't wait to see the final product.
  4. I don't suppose it's to late to say that I am still interested.
  5. To be honest I completely forgot about this forum so I don't suppose this was ever finished
  6. I want to start making mods for kotor 1 I want to change the color of a robe and its stats but every video tutorial I find is not what I'm looking to do or so blurry I cant see what they are doing at all I've been searching all day for message boards that will even remotely help but they all trail off to something else that has nothing to do with the original question can somebody please give me a hand here I already have almost every kotor modding tool installed but still no clue how to do what I'm trying to.
  7. It's also a waste of time to mod and play as other PC models in the game but it's still cool and fun to do. playing as revans head from swtor is no different than playing as the PC models from the regular game but it still something different which makes it fun.
  8. Can someone please make mods for clone wars or rebels characters I see alot of amazing mods all over the internet but I still haven't seen any kotor mods for characters like Ahsoka (Rebels or Clone wars era) Kanan Jarus, Obi-Wan, Ezra Bridger, Sabine Wren not even Mace Windu