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  1. SHEEN

    GenoHaradan Legacy

    Ah I see thats awesome, so install NPC overhaul first correct? Currently im working on a Document of mods that enhance game-play great that are compatible, once i get my new SSD i will test this with the Hologram Fix & Admiralty Redux asap and SLM 2.0 asap and tell you if i found any incompatibilities. EDIT: So I installed NPC overhaul using TSLPatcher and then the GenoHaradan Legacy Mod using the Patcher, but I get the bug where when you go to pick up the droid for the ithorians in the docking bay only the TSF officer says his first set of lines upon your arrival then any attempts to talk to the 3 npcs results in them saying their combat dialogue for that quest. But this only happens when I did the botano sidequest and informed gren about the other 2 quests he gave me. I also believe I did the Harra sidequest. The only other mods that I would think that would cause any problems with this beside NPC overhaul are benok VO fix, starport visa fix(both by you) and then the improved ai and zhug attack fix mods. I will continue to search for bugs and look for compatibility fixes, if you wish to see the full list of mods i'm running i would be glad to give them to you.
  2. SHEEN

    GenoHaradan Legacy

    So did you ever find out if this is compatible with NPC Overhaul 1.22? Or do you believe that bug was his own client side issue. Also great mod btw, it will make a fine addition to my collections of upper echelon mods.
  3. Will there be an option to just replace the vanilla melee weapons except light sabers, so it would be compatible with SLM 2.0?
  4. SHEEN

    Schematic Lightsaber Mod [SLM]

    Anybody else get a bug with Bao Dur where when u train him to become a Jedi Guardian during the training sequence when you spar with him the bao dur in the garage or storage compartment from the training is still there after the dialogue thus creating two bao durs.
  5. SHEEN

    Casino PAZAAK animated

    I did have the Widescreen Ui Steam Workshop Mod installed, would that have caused the error? It does compress the Pazaak background UI, but the bug was that the Brown/Wooden textures wouldn't even appear in the background.
  6. SHEEN

    Download:Casino PAZAAK animated

    It appears the files pnl_pazaakset_pc.tga and pnl_pazaakgam_pc.tga do not register in game, and cause the background during the Pazaak game to spazz out(it moves around crazy). What I mean is the new textures don't even appear. Even when utilizing XnView to extract the files to override, even when manually putting the 3 txi files into override this issue still occurs. This shouldn't be a compatibility issue since it only changes pazaak files. I've asked some other friends if this is happening and they say the same thing occurs.
  7. SHEEN

    [TSL] NPC Overhaul Mod

    Will this ever be updated?
  8. SHEEN

    Vanilla Masks Overhaul

    Would you ever consider doing this for KOTOR 2? I know i'd instantly download