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  1. Looks great. I hope it gets a better texture with no red.
  2. Alright. It would start with a new or extended dialogue after dealing with the Trandoshans and eventually leading to the permission of using Suvam's means of transport down to the surface. The first module will be a small area in which you landed and will have either smugglers or indigenous life inhabiting it. The second module will have you run into a scene where there is an ongoing battle between the Massassi and a contingent of Sith Troopers lead by a Sith Master. This is also where you might find the quest item Suvam asked for which brought you there in the first place. The third will be an area that will be centered with Exar Kun's temple/tomb and the surrounding area will have Massassi Abominations guarding it. The fourth and maybe fifth will be the interior of the tomb with additional abominations and a Massassi Priest as a final encounter. Once your done with them, you will have a brief conversation with the spirit of Exar Kun not necessarily caring that you are there. Overall it is just something I thought of that would be on par with my idea of basically a recreation of TSL's Coruscant mod. I don't plan making either anytime soon so if anyone is reading this and is interested besides myself, by all means.
  3. The work needed may be fancy but the content will not be. It depends on the individual. Would you like me to describe what I have in mind?
  4. Proper as in no reuse of old assets. When I mentioned custom, I meant custom.
  5. Not exactly. I'm picturing something more proper.
  6. May I have your opinions on and idea of mine to expand Yavin Station in a way that allows a trip to the surface? Something along the lines of custom dialogue, custom modules, custom enemies, custom items, and one custom quest. It would be nothing too fancy and would mainly just be a simple, short extension, that fits nicely into the lore.
  7. I don't suppose anyone is aware of any Leviathan texture mods out there that's either enhances or replaces the textures or even willing to create one from scratch? I cannot seem to find any except for an old, obscure video of just that with no links. It has two parts. v=_v5VlBnmmRA |
  8. Was that not three years ago?
  9. In TSL, there is the Mandalorian shuttle that Mandalore uses to take you to Iziz. Does anyone know where I can find a HQ texture replacer for it because it is not looking too good?
  10. Does this work with enhanced merchants? Your Prototype Knight Breastplate sure does. Any difference?
  11. Better make it snappy Sithspecter, I have a playthrough to finish. Don't waste your time with lightsaber remodeling/retexturing due to the amount of mods are out there just for that, but go ahead if you simply just want to only if you organize the files separately without an installer. Same goes for the quarterstaffs, especially for K2. As for the rest, I hope you create more diversity when it comes to the models of the weapons that share the same one, but with only a different texture. Unlike your High Quality Blasters. Other than that, you are not lying when you put High Quality in the name of your mods. Keep up the great work that I thoroughly enjoy and appreciate. Have a great day boyo.
  12. sELFiNDUCEDcOMA​, do you mind telling me which of the Telos files from your TSL Remastered mod that is specifically for the Military Base/HK Factory as well as the shuttle texture?
  13. Don't know if this is intentional but the model has no shoulder guard, drapes, or chest pins. Perhaps there was a file choice for the appearance but without a readme, or any reference other than the one image. There is no way to tell unless you recognize the file itself.