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  1. I briefly checked out some of the new changes and it's amazing to see the galaxy map filled out like it is. In my brief investigation, I found a few, probably known, issues. Alpha channels on the Rakatan planet seem to be missing, giving a lot of things a transparent look. (Elder base exterior, and the crashed Republic ship, for example) The elder's base outer area (where the electric fence is in 1) seems to be missing an exit. Once you're there, you are stuck. The swoop bike guy (yes, it is one of those things that very much interests me lol) on Tatooine seems to now just be a clone of the Telos swoop bike guy (dialogue wise, appearance wise he's still the roodian). When you take him up on his offer of swoop racing he takes to the Telos track and once that's complete, you return to the Telos Entertainment Cantina. Sleyheyron works exactly as your post describes. Still impressive to see it ported over and all that. Awesome work as always though.
  2. Well judging by what I saw in game, it looks like you got most of the really hard/weird stuff done in terms of Swoop racing. From a total layman's point of view. It looks like maybe animations are missing? It loads perfectly and the countdown/timer works, just the swoop bike is static (and I'm guessing the exit transition script?). I did notice some weird things that I'm not sure if it's the result of the appearance file differing between the two game or what. The Sith Prisoner on Manaan is a droid. One of the Czerka miners by the Sandcrawler is using Mandalore's unique appearance. Less noticeable is that some of the Czerka on Tatooine and Kashyyyk are TSF, and some Sith on Manaan are Onderonian Military. Another "problem" I ran across is that the mod actually causes the "New Game" option on the main menu to load instantly, without a loading screen. This causes the "Sith Lords" theme to not play during character creation for whatever reason. I also found that your new main menu actually causes considerable performance issues on my system. Granted, my system is old now (980 GTX, 4790k, 16GB RAM) but it still should be able to handle it. Removing the new main menu files and reverting them to the old TSLRCM one fixed the performance problems. Additionally, one really annoying thing I found was that none of the mod's dialogue can be skipped. This is really annoying in the Dune Sea where the "out of bounds" pop up happens. Speaking of the Dune Sea, the Sand People turrets are unkillable. I do love that you left a bunch of enemies in the modules to kill though. Makes exploring more interesting. I realize this is an extremely preliminary, preview version of the mod, and that it will only improve with time. Again, it's really cool what you've done, and I'm eager to see what you do, less in terms of added story, but in more sandbox, side stuff!
  3. It's amazing and fantastic that you are still working on this! I hope that you are able to enable the Swoop tracks! That would be awesome. Maybe even some pazzak players on Tatooine or Manaan?
  4. I just want to say I am very interested in this idea. I had an idea awhile to try and learn the KoTOR tools and create a small Yavin 4 mod in KoTOR 2 using the station from 1 and re-purposing the Dxun jungle temple area. I would be extremely pleased if you could somehow bring the swoop tracks in 1 and put them in 2. I would love to visit those planets in two, even if they don't really have much of a story, just kind of a hub area with minigame stuff set up (pazaak/swoop).
  5. At the request of Sith Holocron, here are links to the mods I used. CSA4 Arena Mod: https://www.nexusmods.com/kotor2/mods/458 Starkiller as PC: https://www.nexusmods.com/kotor2/mods/350 Jedi Temple: https://www.nexusmods.com/kotor2/mods/55 Jedi Temple Expansion: https://www.nexusmods.com/kotor2/mods/210 The compatibility mod is the one on Deadlystream that Hassat Hunter did.
  6. The mod is extremely buggy, when it used to not be. Quests have updated sometimes upon reaching one of the new (as in split areas of Industrial) area if I fast traveled there first before reaching there on foot. I had the Assassination Module quest reactivate after completion, causing it to be stuck my quest log. I couldn't ask Kaah about the transmissions anymore in this version, even though I had the quest and I was supposed to be able to. Worst of all, the ending doesn't trigger properly. Once I meet with Vash, Kaah enters the room, is killed by Assassins, Vash is attacked by said Assassins, then all but two of them go hostile and when I finish, the music still stays like it's in combat. I'm guessing Sion is supposed to attack, judging by the new scene with Sion added, but he doesn't? I can then go talk to M478 and get him to give me fuel for Telos, and go back to the Ebon Hawk but the mod doesn't have any sort of ending now. If I kill Vash, then Kaah just kinda hangs out in the Central Zone like nothing happens. The quest log also still indicates that M478 killed Vash, which doesn't seem to be the case anymore. As a side note, I get people complained about all the walking, but the random forced teleporting is really jarring, it would be nice to have an option (mostly talking about the radiation sequence). This is the Steam Version and I'm using the same mods I've always used, installed in this order: (All of these mods are installed through TSLPatcher, and not through the Steam Workshop) TSLRCM M478 Jedi Temple+Expansion+Compatibility with M4-78's Galaxy Map CSA4 Starkiller as PC (PC head mod)
  7. Any woman who decides to kill her husband through starvation, dehydration and exposure is a psychopath. I've always hated her character and relish the opportunity to kill her.
  8. I can't really remember what all I did. I think what I did was leave it alone until I left Dxun the first time and then I left it alone until I finished the return to Telos and, after seeing a character's head horribly deformed due to what looked like, eyelashes screwing up, I changed it again. Out of curiosity, are you on an NVIDIA card? If so, what card and what driver?
  9. No, and be prepared for the invariable reaction of this topic being closed.
  10. You can set it to 1 once you leave the restoration zone. In order to prevent Onderon from crashing in the spaceport cutscene, you need to set it to 1 anyway. I think actually though, once the intro cutscene for the spaceport is over, you can set it back to 0 if you want. It's very important to set that setting back to 0 before you finish the Ravager or a certain character who shows up will have the most glitched up head ever.
  11. Both. Whatever you do to fix this, you'll have to undo it to fix Onderon.
  12. Go to your SWKOTOR2.ini and find "DisableVertexBufferObjects=1" Under that, put "Disable Vertex Buffer Objects=1" (It might be the opposite, if you have "Disable Vertex Buffer Objects=1" already, then put it to 0) Note: I just replayed TSLRCM on the steam version, using 1.8.5 and in addition to this crash, Onderon's spaceport would always crash depending on this setting. I would also like to point out that this is a new problem, and didn't exist in previous versions, even with the Steam version.
  13. I'm not sure if it's exclusive to the RCM and the Steam/Aspyr version in conjunction, but here's how to fix it: go to your SWKOTOR2.ini and find "DisableVertexBufferObjects=1" Under it, paste "Disable Vertex Buffer Objects=1" Note: When you reach Onderon, after the cutscene before the spaceport loads, the game will also crash with this setup (Steam, RCM 1.8.5+"DisableVertexBufferObjects=1") So go back and set it to 0 instead of 1, at least for the duration of that cutscene. Edit: I can't remember for sure, but it might be vice versa: ("DisableVertexBufferObjects=0" for Telos, "DisableVertexBufferObjects=1" for Onderon)
  14. This is such a great mod, one of my favorites for a long time. The only problem is with the new steam update, the dialogue skips because (IIRC) it's in .wav format. I think that was the problem with the Steam update and older mods. Is there anyway this mod could be updated to work right with the steam version?