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  1. My biggest wish from the announcement of the Kotor Remake is the community coming back alive... looks like my wishes are coming true... mwahahhaha 

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    2. djh269


      I know the remaster could be disappointing, but the community have already remastered the games in my eyes so whatever they produce will be inconsequential mate :). But it's brought a healthy amount of traffic anyways! Keep your chin up :)

    3. N-DReW25


      Speaking of coming back alive... you thinking of hoping into the world of mod developing again??

    4. djh269


      I am! I'm going to fix / update some of my released mods, and I have a new Mandalorian Overhaul mod which is very close to being released. I also have some requests to add things into my mods which I Will complete (including yours on my Mandalorian Armor mod funnily enough). How about yourself? But I assume you're still writing for the ROR project?