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  1. It's looking good but you are going to need some modeling for this. I wonder - what is the helmet that Sithspecter is talking about?
  2. I´am sorry, i dont know what i was thinking, and your right insidious you are absolutely right iam terribly sorry for all this, truly i am, Apologies to all of you. ----------------------------------------------------------------- Thank you milestails, thats really nice
  3. Ummm oukay, I was just trying to give an idea, I already read 6 and 8 didnt know about that like i said before iam NEW. you got quite a dictatorship around here, you know that? but i dont care man im just hare to download mods nothing else. About the helmets, it dosent have to look EXACTLY, like in the image, Ok. you can leave the default and move out to the rest or modified the one they have already. {SNIP} Moderator note: Dial down the attitude. First, if you'd read the rules, you should know not to double-post without being reminded. Second, you're making a request, and getting angry with the people helping you with it is not going to make them want to help you more. Third, forum staff reminding you of the rules is in no sense 'dictatorship'. Fourth, this thread hs been open a day, so have a little patience. The members of this forum have real lives, too. -InSidious
  4. My god man, who are you? a genius or some sort. 10/10
  5. Great work but no just great work, great idea too. Impresive and a must have mod, at least for me --------------------- It remainds me of the first Star wars the old republic trailer
  6. Because the picture didn't show up, don't know why. I'm going to add a link instead. Update 1: September 3rd, 2015 - 12:06 AM http://deadlystream.com/forum/files/file/392-k1-clone-wars-armors/ Just scroll down until you reach the comments and you will see the picture I'm talking about. Update 2: September 3rd, 2015 - 12:09 AM I am sorry for all the trouble.
  7. Hi, I'm new in this super cool mod website and I would really like if someone could change the Republic uniform for both games or at least changed it to a better look. Here´s an example of what I would like to see
  8. very nice but thats only one lightsaber why dont you make a Kotor 1 hilt replacment mod for all the lightsabers, now that would be awsome
  9. Dam jejeje, hell of a work man I love it
  10. Make the ones from the mandalorian wars as the game is close to that timeperiod and put them on the republic soldiers in both games, you dont have to do it exactly like in the picture of course . the game already has a similar look so it may not be hard for you to do it. here is a picture wich i belive you could use as reference ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ If only someone could make all the characters look more real or next gen. aaaahr