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  1. Wait, nevermind figured it out, but now there's a slight problem. Visas is Kreia. Like, instead of Visas standing there it's Kreia, talking in Visas' voice.
  2. Ok, thank you. Where would I find that folder? I checked the Workshop folder in my Steamapps file and just got a bunch of numbers.
  3. Just redownloaded all the files for movie style robes AND companion robes. Didn't change a thing when I loaded the game back up.
  4. I haven't gotten him to jedi yet, but the pictures I have seen on the mod page do not have his arm visible, he just has the regular model with bao's head strapped on. And I have done that yeah, I have put the files in my override. Like, here's my Override folder if it helps: https://1drv.ms/f/s!AvcJHQqFLNHD0jAPrHvHXhk0_-VZ I also on steam am subscribed to... Effixians Bao Dur Version C - Nightbrother, Effixians Zeison Sha/Jal Shey Reskins 2017, Beautyful Blasters, HK47 White Polar Retexture, Effixians T3 Blue Reskin, TSLRCM, Effixian's Redhead Pack, That pink Mira reskin, Ebon Hawk re-texture, and Fix Head Model Clipping.
  5. I don't even know what's causing it, since as far as I know I installed the Movie Style Jedi Master Robes mod right. I installed that one mod that lets Bao use robes, could that be it? It's like cancelling out the movie style robes mod or something?
  6. Unfortunately I can't, I tried with that original post but just got a black screen instead of what's ACTUALLY on the screen. Best I could do was take a pic with my phone
  7. Ok so I just got Atton all forced up and equipped his robes, but they look weird, like the textures aren't right. His shoes look all wrong and it just looks, patchy for lack of a better word, like Atton assembled the outfit at a junkpile. How do I fix this? I could have sworn I got the movie robes mod on, so did I just use the wrong one?
  8. How do I instal the one labelled with a .rar file? Cuz I'm trying to use the companion robes mod and Atton's robes aint lookin' right.
  9. How do I instal the one labelled with a .rar file? Cuz I'm trying to use the companion robes mod and Atton's robes aint lookin' right.
  10. Are the parts exceedingly hard to find? If not, then i'm guessing this is another mod that needs updating, since otherwise turning Bao-Dur into a jedi is almost more crippling than helpful. I'm assuming the parts are just hard to find, since the quest itself is able to be activated.
  11. *shrug* Hey, some people work fast. Like really fast. For example, this one youtuber I watch, gopher, was let's playing Fallout: New Vegas, and he said a good mod idea would be a mod that replaces the sound that the robotic companion, ED-E, made when he went into combat with flight of the Valkyries. Like an hour after he posted the video, the "Flight of the valkED-E" mod came out, which did just that.
  12. It appears that windows has done it again. A few days ago I updated my computer to windows 10 (it had previously been on windows 8) and have only just discovered that SWKOTOR is apparently incompatible with it. (Kotor 2 Works fine with it though. Perhaps it's the restored content mod.) You'll get to the start menu and as soon as you start playing (whether it is directly loading a game or starting a new one) the game will crash and give the annoying "[insert thing here] has stopped working." message, where the only option they give you is to end the program. I had mods installed, but I know it's not them because I uninstalled them and the game still did the same thing. I'm hoping an update can get released that fixes it, but in the meantime, anyone know how to fix it manually? Layman's terms, please, my grandma knows more about computers than me.
  13. A word of warning, it appears that SWKOTOR does not work with windows 10. It gets to the opening screen, but as soon as you start playing, the game does that whole "[insert thing here] has stopped working" where the only option they give you is closing the program. Hopefully windows acknowledges their stupidity and fixes that.
  14. Sorry if it's rude, but we got an eta on the update? I'm not finishing the story until it is, so i'm having to content myself with Trove and SWTOR until then. Also can't review the mod till I actually play the mod :/.