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  1. High Quality Skyboxes II

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    The problem you've got is overlapping transparencies. The engine is not able to get your GPU to render them correctly. This is likely a legacy problem stretching back to the game's launch, where it was known to have problems with then ATI GPUs. It also stretches to various other rendering issues across all GPUs for various things, but those are less noticeable for most people. Aside from installing the DX redistributable if you haven't already, I'm not sure there's much more you can do on your end.

    The only practical permanent/universal solution would be for @Kexikus to replace that background alpha'd plane with actual cutouts of the buildings so that there is no alpha masking is required.

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  2. High Quality Skyboxes II

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    7 hours ago, Kexikus said:

    Well, I would guess that this is somehow related to using a laptop GPU. Kotor is known to have issues with those.

    It has an issue with integrated Intel GPUs (laptop or otherwise), but this is a slightly different case. Aside from being AMD, it actually uses a weird setup. Rather than use one half-decent GPU, they actually use two crappy GPUs in CrossFire (AMD's equivalent of SLI). It doesn't even used a matched pair, it uses two different ones, one better than the other. I assume because at the time they didn't have a half-decent mid-range mobile GPU available, so they had to cobble together what they could from available low end parts.

    I assume that CrossFire is probably disabled for KOTOR, since it would require a driver profile for it to work and that is unlikely to exist. The question is which GPU it is running on. You should check the driver control panel and maybe the BIOS to see if you can manually disable the individual GPUs. If that is possible, try running it on both separately to see if you get the same issue after switching.

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  3. @ADG12311990 if you'd be so kind as to beta test this - https://www.darthparametric.com/files/kotor/k1/[K1]_Diversified_Jedi_Captives_on_the_Star_Forge_JC_Hybrid_Robes_Compatibility_Patch.7z

    Edit: I have updated the patch to include a 2DA patcher (thanks to assistance from @VarsityPuppet). It will patch your appearance.2da so that the new model and texture work properly. Read the included readme.txt for further details.

  4. K1 Ported Alien VO Replacements

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    Presumably he renamed some LIP files intended for other lines, so the lip sync doesn't match. It's an easy fix now that the CSLU Toolkit has had its online licensing requirement removed. The only problem is that it doesn't run on Win 10, instead requiring Win 7 or XP.

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  5. KOTOR 1 Community Patch

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    I don't think it is an engine issue, per se. What we use there is used throughout the game, namely spawning a creature with the k_def_spawndead OnSpawn script. The murder mystery quest is seemingly in some sort of Bermuda Triangle though, as there have been a number of odd quirks with it. I have encountered that particular issue myself before. I had thought it might be linked to skipping through Bolook's lines. I did make some changes to address that possibility, but it seems that was insufficient. I'll reactivate the issue for it on the repo and we'll look at it again at some point in the future.

    I would also add that this issue proved in the past to be difficult to reliably reproduce. As I recall I was only able to do so when playing on an XP machine, not on Win 10. If anyone can reliably reproduce the issue, please volunteer yourself for guinea pig duty.

  6. They are all using player bodies with vanilla UVs, so it shouldn't be anything to do with the mod specifically, just the usual engine shenanigans. I don't feel any pressing need to remap everything for a tiny edge case, but I'll consider it in the event I ever do a major revision of the mod (which might happen once the scripts can be decompiled, allowing for condensing the placeables).

  7. KOTOR 1 Community Patch

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    Any TLK mods like PC moderation definitely need to be installed before K1CP or you will get all sorts of broken StrRefs. But it looks like you're using @JCarter426's vision sequence mod there, which may be the problem.

  8. KOTOR 1 Community Patch

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    I'm not sure what you are referring to exactly. The only thing close is that a couple of heads had wrong bone names, so they wouldn't blink and such. And a few cutscene stunt animations got tweaks to address various minor issues, the most notable/extensive being the LS ending ceremony.

  9. Rodian Female NPC Body Model

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    It should be compatible with any mod that does module injection rather than hard overwrites (so mods like NPC Overhaul need to be installed first). Although looking at the config, I note that it's not quite as compatible as it could be regarding Geeda's UTC.

  10. KOTOR 1 Community Patch

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    Should only be the walk animation. ZimmMaster's original mod transplants the vanilla K1 running values to TSL. It should be noted that in either case the animation isn't actually changed. Just the distance values used when translating the character (which is why it's an appearance.2da edit and not a model edit).

  11. 11 minutes ago, N-DReW25 said:

    with a tpc all of the shiny effects and animations are packaged inside the tpc along with the texture

    A TPC simply includes the TXI data directly in the file.

    12 minutes ago, N-DReW25 said:

    by having two exact same files in the override as a tga and a tpc it would break the texture in-game

    No, it won't break anything. But only one has priority. I can't remember which it prioritises. I think @ebmar tested it a while back.

    13 minutes ago, N-DReW25 said:

    With the .mod files inside the package, it might not go too well with the .mod files within my mod.

    As long as you are doing proper module injection and not just hard overwriting the MODs then some level of compatibility should always be possible, outside of two sets of changes to individual files. But injection should simply allow one mod to override the other, if implemented correctly.

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  12. No it was not. But you're the first person that has noticed (including me), so congrats for that. Not sure what the issue is. Looks like it might be a hierarchy issue in the model. I'll play around with it and see if I can get it resolved. If I can, I'll release an update.

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  13. TSL Restored Content Mod

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    For some inexplicable reason, the TSLRCM installer stores the install location the first time you install it.  If you don't run the uninstaller, then the next time you install it then it will just reuse the same directory as previously, regardless of whether TSL is still installed there or not.

  14. KOTOR 1 Community Patch

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    It is intended to be used with a new playthrough. There's no guarantee something won't work as intended or outright break if you install it midway through.