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  1. No it was not. But you're the first person that has noticed (including me), so congrats for that. Not sure what the issue is. Looks like it might be a hierarchy issue in the model. I'll play around with it and see if I can get it resolved. If I can, I'll release an update.

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  2. TSL Restored Content Mod

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    For some inexplicable reason, the TSLRCM installer stores the install location the first time you install it.  If you don't run the uninstaller, then the next time you install it then it will just reuse the same directory as previously, regardless of whether TSL is still installed there or not.

  3. KOTOR 1 Community Patch

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    It is intended to be used with a new playthrough. There's no guarantee something won't work as intended or outright break if you install it midway through.

  4. PC Response Moderation

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    12 minutes ago, Cinamyn said:

    For the love of god please put this in a patcher. We can't have any other dialog mods because of this

    TSLPatcher doesn't support changing existing StrRefs in a TLK, only adding new ones. So there is no practical way to merge modified TLKs other than manually.

  5. If you are using K1CP then you can delete ebo_bast_vision.dlg from the Override folder. K1CP applies the same fixes (as well as the 4th planet one) and injects them into the module. This mod put the file in the Override for compatibility with K1R (in which case it would patch its already existing file that had the 4th planet fix).

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  6. tpcview

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    Btw, you might want to be more explicit in the description that the modifier key (on Windows at least) required is ALT. Perhaps you could consider something more practical for future revisions, like right-clicking on loaded images, or a drop-down menu with export/batch options.

  7. tpcview

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    An installer with no destination option? Blech. Fortunately Nullsoft installers can be extracted with 7-Zip, but I'd prefer the option for a loose install like all your other programs.

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  8. KOTOR 1 Community Patch

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    Those are purposely missing. They aren't loose files. The installer patches the vanilla versions inside modules. Whatever you are doing, your install destination is apparently completely broken, as the modules should be added if they don't already exist before any patching begins.

  9. KOTOR 2 Community Patch

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    There are no actual tier selections. That was an idea we were considering that never made it to the implementation stage. Unfortunately the readme wasn't updated to reflect this before release.

  10. Never overwrite the MOD files manually. That will break your game. Skipping pre-existing ones is intended behaviour. TSLPatcher will inject the changes to the existing one. If you have been doing that, then yes, you probably will have to not only restart, but scrap everything and start with a clean install.

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  11. KOTOR 1 Community Patch

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    Steam will let you create a new Library that you can install games to wherever you want. Open up Steam, in the menus up on the top left go to Steam -> Settings -> Downloads. Click the Steam Library Folders button up the top. Click the Add Library Folder button and choose or create a new folder somewhere. Now go to the main Library game listing and right click on KOTOR on the list on the left. Choose Properties -> Local Files -> Move Install Folder, select your new library from the drop-down list, then click the Move Folder button.