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  1. Attempting to merge the upper body of the Female Republic Officer with the legs, boots, arms, and gauntlets of the Female Republic Soldier to create Mandalorian Wars Republic armor.

  2. Having difficulty creating portrait images.

  3. Testing methods of spawning a new character.

  4. Still looking for help getting a new character into the game and remembering the number to change in ascii model format to correct lighting.

    1. Sith Holocron

      Sith Holocron

      Please stop bumping this topic over and over. This is now a formal warning. 

  5. Trying to contact anyone who has texturing and/or modeling skills while reviewing sound bytes/voice resrefs.

  6. Trying to contact anyone who has texturing and modeling skills.

  7. Hoping to find someone with greater skill with modifying models and textures for my project.

  8. Hoping someone will help me with my project.

    1. Sith Holocron

      Sith Holocron

      I have merged your threads.

  9. Finding changes to scripts will not save and dialogue trees disappear after saving.

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    2. Neville


      I am creating my own dialogue trees. I cannot seem to make one that activates the recruit function. I have been trying to modify the Sith armor model to show some of the wearer's face for a mod.

    3. jc2


      I think you may benefit from posting a thread fully detailing what you have tried, what tools you use, and what are the issues.

      Because if your script isn't saving or compiling correctly, then that could be your only problem, but it could easily be a bad script, misplaced script, misplaced files, mishandled files, etc ...

      My advice on the recruit function is to 1) read carefully the Recruit Function Readme by Ferc, 2) find another mod that uses it and see how their script does it (check Recruitable mods). 


    4. Neville


      I started trying several years ago. I have GMAX/NWMAX, MDLOPS 6, NWNNSSCOMP, KotOR Tool, KSE333, Replacer, and DLG Editor. For reference, I checked Recruitable Kay. I was trying not to directly copy.

  10. Hoping someone uploaded the droid planet restoration separate from TSLRCM.

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    2. Sithspecter


      I think you are confusing which one is which Neville. TSLRCM is the really good one.

    3. ZM90


      What?!?!? Someone doesn't want to use TSLRCM?!? BLASPHEMY!!!!

    4. HK-47
  11. Wondering why, in TSL, I have found all Jedi Masters, yet cannot meet with them on Dantooine.

    1. HK-47


      Answer: Don't know. The vagueness of the description of your issue is too much.


      Request: Please use the search function to find posts related to your problem, then post a thread if you haven't found an answer.

  12. Spending more time modeling than gaming.

    1. Kate The Bionic Uterus

      Kate The Bionic Uterus

      Sounds like you caught the bug... there's medication for that ;D

  13. Spending more time modeling than gaming.

  14. Tired of unclear rules and waiting for responses to my queries.

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    2. Fair Strides

      Fair Strides

      Perhaps you missed the parts about how Sith Holocron wasn't sure whether it actually was porting and didn't actually upload anything or the part about post #6:

    3. Sith Holocron
    4. Sith Holocron

      Sith Holocron

      If you have any other issues, talk with a moderator in a PM.

  15. Tired of waiting for responses to my queries.

  16. Becoming utterly frustrated.