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  1. Curious what the new canon's take on the mandolorian wars is going to be.

    1. HK-47


      Me too. So far it seems to mostly be the same as it was before.

    2. VarsityPuppet


      I read into a bit more, and it sounds like it might just be some sort of thing with the Jedi vs Mandalorians who had a Darksaber

  2. Curious what the new canon's take on the mandolorian wars is going to be.

  3. more hope for anthologies than the sequel trilogy atm

  4. Excited to see Vader return to the big screen again, if they manage this right, the movie will be amazing. Actually had me going for a second I think it'd be foolish if they didn't do something like this. Crushing all hope for victory by the end and thus making the way for the movie we already know and love.
  5. Dastardly

    Kotor Apeiron

    It might not look like KotOR, but they did get a fair bit of traction and gathered a crowd of ignorant people (next person I see calling the game a "mod" gets shot) to support it. Like previously stated, they'll probably shutdown if and when they actually get some proper gameplay.
  6. Dastardly

    Kotor Apeiron

    Except that Galaxy in Turmoil would be competing with Battlefront, AFAIK there are no upcoming licensed SW RPGs that Apeiron would get in the way of.
  7. If your going to make a project like this don't go running in the streets, screaming for attention and revealing everything humanly possible otherwise this will happen. Now we just have to wait for Apeiron's KotOR to get C&D'd.
  8. LF is down again? :/

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Dastardly


      *sigh*, yeah, gotta get more tutorials on here

    3. djh269


      I second this, didn't notice the urgency in Sith Holocron's status about tutorials when I checked lucasforums and it was down :(

    4. milestails


      It's back up now.

  9. Your right, this is stupid, lets just build another death star!
  10. Traya, of course. Pretty sure HK is a closet Sith Lord as well.
  11. Yep. Better writing, much more entertaining.