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    One person didn't get it. You can guess who that is... I wasn't debating that. I was confirming your point, while also acknowledging that we don't know what Obsidian would have written if it had enough time to develop the story. We weren't, until someone appointed themselves historian...
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    Are we seriously discussing what is canon and what is not? At this point in time?
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    Okay, "TSLRCM addition" might not be the right term. I intended to mean it was a content that didn't exist in vanilla TSL but was restored by TSLRCM. I assumed that people would get that due to the nature of a restored content mod, most if not all content from TSLRCM were cut content that wrere originally considered by Obsidian and not introduced by TSLRCM. Regardless, my point against The Historian's claim that the confrontation wasn't "historically accurate" to Meetra Surik's story still stands. Unless there's actually an official source, SWTOR or not, that proves that it didn't happen, arguments about it not being "historically accurate" is invalid.
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    Those ice walls will be included, definitely. ------------ You guys certainly remember that ugly, flat Onderon Backdrop here: As you immediately see, its 2D which really breaks the immersion here, and the only way to make it 3D would be to place a real 3D model which probably has the Skybox getting in the way. The solution? Goes really quick with VUE, just rendered the scene in 8K and downscaled it to 2K to avoid artifacts when making the background transparent (ignore the Sky for now): For purists, here a red variant:
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    Good point. Locking it.
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    How many of you would say this YouTuber is mostly spot-on on her views on ROS?
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