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    Ran into some cut kreia content on youtube.
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    You need to select your root KOTOR folder, not Override. I don't know what the path is for Steam but it's the folder where dialog.tlk is.
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    Hey guys this is only my second mod for KOTOR,ive looked into Model importing but it doesnt seem to be very popular in this game. That being said i still have a lot to learn. I hope you enjoy what i post. Please take care of me. Thank you all.
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    View File JC's Romance Enhancement: Biromantic Bastila for K1 Summary This mod allows those playing as a female character to romance Bastila, an option available only for male player characters in the original release of the game. The female version of the romance will play out just as the male version, through talking to Bastila as your player gains experience and by choosing certain dialogue options. The romance can also be ended just as the male romance can, by choosing or avoiding certain dialogue options. Lines will still vary depending on the player's gender; for example, Bastila will not call a female player a man, nor compare her to any man. I have executed this by removing certain lines, or certain parts of lines, that lacked an alternate take for a female player, and in some cases voided the existing female versions in favor of the romance lines. I'm not entirely satisfied with all of these changes - in particular, the male version still has a lot more dialogue, and I don't think that's fair - but my priority was to make everything flow naturally, with minimal editing. Also, this should not interfere with the Carth or Juhani romances; you should be able to go through those as well Bastila's if you so desire. The game does not take issue with it. The romance system is surprisingly straightforward, compared to later BioWare games. As such, I may consider adding a bit of complexity in future updates. Installation Extract files from the downloaded archive. Run Install.exe. Click "Install Mod" and select your game directory (default name SWKOTOR). This mod only supports the English language version of the game at this time. Uninstallation Remove the installed files or replace from backups if necessary. Compatibility This mod patches the following: k_hbas_dialog.dlg (Bastila's global dialogue) lev40_saul403.dlg unk44_evilbast.dlg This mod may not be compatible with any other mods that edit those files. This mod also installs the following new VO: NGLOBEBAST06951_ NGLOBEBAST06952_ NGLOBEBAST06953_ NGLOBEBAST06954_ NM44ACEVIL01901_ This mod will not be compatible with any mods utilizing those names for WAV or LIP files. This mod patches the modules lev_m40aa, unk_m44acd, and sta_m45ac and may not be compatible with other mods that affect those areas. TSLPatcher is utilized for better compatibility, but there's never any guarantee. This mod must be installed AFTER any non-TSLPatcher mods that edit those areas. This mod includes bug fixes for Bastila's romance scripts on the Unknown World and the Star Forge. You should NOT install another mod to fix these problems, as that would override this mod's changes that remove the gender checks. Credits KOTOR Tool – Fred Tetra TSL Patcher – stoffe, with updates by Fair Strides CSLU Toolkit – Center for Spoken Language Understanding DLGEditor – tk102 ERFEdit – stoffe, with updates by Fair Strides K-GFF – tk102 KOTOR Savegame Editor – tk102 LipSynchEditor – JdNoa NWNSSCOMP – Torlack, stoffe, & tk102 Bug fix reconnaissance courtesy Markus Ramikin's Bastila Romance Scriptfix Global variable reconnaissance courtesy Amandalore the Ultimate's save file Permissions Mod JC's Romance Enhancement for K1 Mod Author JCarter426 Game Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Attribution Preference "Romance Enhancement by JCarter426" or "uses JC's Romance Enhancement" or some other reasonable phrasing. Attribution Only License (AOL) * You've got mods! * The creator of this mod has authorized the contents of this mod for public use. Other modders are free to use and edit materials from this mod and include them in other mods. This license applies to everyone equally and no further explicit permission from the original mod creator is required, provided the terms of this license are followed. The user must provide clear attribution for the source and creator(s) of these materials, following the specified attribution preference. The file that contains this attribution must be included along with all the other mod contents. (For example, crediting the original mod creator in your mod's description on a website, but not in any file someone would actually download, would be a violation.) The user must include any additional credits as indicated. This license applies only for the use of these materials in other mods (i.e. a form of software accessed within a video game). This license does not grant the user unlimited power to distribute these contents, edited or unedited, even if attribution is granted. These materials are being offered to encourage the creation of new mods that alter the game experience. (For example, distributing these materials as a mod resource on another website, or uploading the entirety of the mod as a "new" mod without really changing anything, would not be in the spirit of this license.) Where appropriate, it would be nice to provide a link to the original mod and/ or tag the original mod creator. However, this is not mandated. This is just a polite suggestion. Disclaimers THIS GAME MODIFICATION IS NOT SUPPORTED BY OR ROMANTICALLY INVOLVED WITH BASTILA SHAN, <FULLNAME>, LUCASARTS, OR BIOWARE. BIROMANTIC ORIENTATION IS NOT SUPPORTED BY NAND GATES. Donations If you enjoy my mods and would like to show your support in a monetary manner, you may do so via PayPal with this donation link. For various legal and ethical reasons, this is entirely optional and is not a requirement to downloading or using any of my mods. I also do not create specific mods for hire. I make mods as a hobby and will most likely do so regardless of any donations or lack thereof, but modding does take up a lot of my time and every bit helps. Submitter JCarter426 Submitted 01/18/2020 Category Mods K1R Compatible No  
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    It's not. None, and quite the contrary. Don't use the Steam Workshop.