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    EDIT: I unfortunately had to take the stream down last night after it premiered to fix an issue that went under the radar. If it had been a very minor thing I would have left it, but I wasn't happy leaving it up with that in still in there. It has now been fixed and the film is now back online. The link below has been updated. Thanks for sticking with me! Hey everyone! My next film, STAR WARS: KOTOR - THE SOLDIER'S DESTINY is now available to watch on YouTube! After nearly nine months of hard work, I am proud to finally show this film off. This is a beginning of a whole new trilogy and era for my KOTOR Machinima Saga, and I hope you all enjoy it. This was quite the challenge compared to my TSL Quadrilogy, and I'm so excited to take the story lines and characters deeper in the next two parts. I want to thank a few people for their help on this project (and over the years): @Sith Holocron - for his ever continuous honest and constructive feedback and suggestions which help make these films the best they can be. (And for lending his voice to the project, too!) @TheDukeOfDerps - for coming onto the project very near the end, yet still delivering to me his lines in an incredibly timely fashion! @madtitan12 - For lending his time and talents to the project to play Harnich. @Mellowtron11 - for continuing to be the man of one thousand voices, bring in Darth Bandon in Episode 2 @UnusualCharacters - For his ridiculously good impression of HK-47 and bringing many laughs to the dialogue. Finally, I'd like to thank @DarthParametric for his assistance in some of my modding queries. And to everyone else who has supported me over the years. It means a lot! I hope you all enjoy the film. ~ DV
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    Getting ready to move out for next month. While packing some books and magazines in a box today, I found a copy of Star Wars Insider #79 with these advertisements. Man, so many memories from this magazine.
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    There's some sort of script that changes her appearance, on account of her clothing being a full body model. She has different appearance lines for her light side clothing, dark side clothing, and one for all other body slots. My guess is that her appearance is changed by her heartbeat script, although the functionality could be hidden several layers down in the header files included in that. It would be easier to change her appearance.2da lines to your desired specifications.
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    Had to take TSD down due to an previously unknown issue. All is fixed now & being re-uploaded!
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