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    Reading through this I see someone suggesting you use Rakghous as opponents for the player to beat. Here is my idea of how one could legitimately use Rakghouls on Sleheyron. Firstly, the Rakghouls bite would turn people into Rakghouls themselves, that is why Taris' Undercity was infested by them despite the fact the Rakghoul source (The Muur Talisman) was lost on a different planet. At the time the player would visit Sleheyron it would have been at least months since Taris was destroyed, perhaps as a way the Hutts could get their hands on Rakghouls was that once the bombardment ended the Sith abandoned the planet letting the Galaxy see its destruction first hand instead of protecting a ruined planet and censoring any news of its destruction (Similar to how the Empire wanted the control the Galaxy through fear of the Death Star). The Hutts sent their henchman to Taris to scavenge broken metals and parts to be repurposed into Sleheyron manufactured droids, ships and weapons. This is where they are attacked by the Rakghouls who are, at this point, eating the dead Tarisians. Perhaps the henchman smuggled them to Sleheyron and sold them to the Hutts for use in their areas but might not know about the Rakghoul disease, maybe this can be a side quest where a Light Side player would wipe out the Rakghouls before they infect and a dark side player would encourage their use in the arenas and possibly the sale to outside buyers like Czerka. The only reason why I wouldn't use Rakghouls is that it might dimish some sort of significance of having Rakghouls on Taris, kinda like how Sleheyron deathmatches would dimish Bendak's deathmatch on Taris. As for other opponents, I'd highly suggest the baby Rancors from Lehon. They'd make legitimate sense for Hutts to own them and as they are just babies they make sense for gladiators and the player to fight them. For rewards, I'd recommend any item that exists in vanilla Kotor that cannot be obtained such as Qel Droma's Battle Armor and the Eriadu Prototype armour for example. Anything Baragwin (the items for Suvan Tam on Yavin) would also work but, like before, it could dimish the significance of saving up and buying from Suvan, though Suvan himself does mention that the Trandoshans and smugglers including Twi'leks and Aqualish do purchase his goods so it wouldn't be too much of a stretch to believe these items ended up in Sleheyron.
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    Hopefully you'll give us all enough time to plan to see the live premiere and spring it on us with no real heads up. Funny trailer. I liked it.
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    Deadlystream for the past few months: As dead as Kotor 3. Deadlystream when my PC goes to the shop: The Sleheyron thread explodes to life.
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    Here is a screenshot now that the crowd has been added: I wasn't sure if the crowd would scale well but it has. This one is in-game, the previous one was a render, hence the loss of some of the nice lighting.
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    Not quite. It just means it will also attack anyone flagged as STANDARD_FACTION_HOSTILE_1 in addition to the usual friendly factions. Combatants won't attack members of their own faction. A good example is the Dark Side ending to the Sandral-Matale Feud quest, where the two sets of droids are set to HOSTILE_1 and HOSTILE_2 so that they attack each other and the player.
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    The past couple days I have been working on the arena. The original one in the game's files, m31aa_00a.mdl/mdx is a bit of a mess, and also seems to be scaled differently than the rest of the game. Some of you may know that at one point in time during development, the environments in KotOR were scaled larger. About 33% larger than the current scale. I can't remember precisely how the change came about, but they ended up liking the smaller scale that everything ended up at. I believe the arena is leftover from this phase of development. It seemed a little bit large during testing, so I re-created it from scratch in 75% scale of the original. The original had a few minor issues that I've adjusted as well. I think this is turning out rather nicely, and I like the new scale and lighting: Also, I have made the floor modular to add in other obstacles or such for variations in the arena. The other two areas still included in the files have what seems to be a "maze" style arena and a "king-of-the-hill" style arena. The maze is little more than a few walls, but it breaks up the place. The "king-of-the-hill" is an elevated platform with ramps on the sides. I am open for suggestions on how to make these different "game-modes" work. One idea for the "king-of-the-hill" arena is to have two switches on either side of the arena, either of which will knockback all PCs/NPCs off the center when triggered. On the center platform there would be a trigger that activates a counter when members of either team are on it. First team to a certain count wins. I am thinking there will be 10-15 different matches over the course of the game, with escalating difficulty. Sort of like a Taris Dueling Ring for the entire game. It would keep the player coming back to Sleheyron and allow for higher level enemies. I also had an idea that after a certain point in the matches (maybe about halfway through the 10-15 matches), you have to side with one of two Hutts as your sponsor. This would affect which teams of gladiators you would encounter. Another question I've been pondering, should these matches be death matches or just knock-out matches like Taris? Death matches for the entireity seem a bit macabre, and potentially darker than the lighter tone of KotOR. They are also problematic for light-siders to participate in. But why would the Hutts restrict the matches to knockout only? Perhaps a steady supply of good fighters is hard to come by. Maybe by restricting the matches to KO only, they retain their fighters and the losers get a chance to learn and improve, leading to more competitive matches and larger betting pools. Let me know what you think! I am open for suggestions and discussion as to how these concepts would work, and other ideas anyone may have to keep things interesting.
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    Sounds like you're referring to "Unseen, Unheard" - which was written by Chris Avellone. Here it is.
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    Hi Clone You're giving very little information. I assume that you mean the computer do not detect the external device correctly. If that is the case KotOR 2 isn't related at all. "Googleing" a little bit I've found this: https://www.thewindowsclub.com/application-not-found-windows I hope it helps you