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    Rather than keep using the status update section, I figured it was probably time I made a thread for my projects to showcase what I'm working on. Recruit Script (3.0) Hopefully, the last revision to this resource. Bringing back the ability to use the string and script parameters in dialog that I deleted in the previous version for some reason. The only breaking change will be the two function's names, which is to help it be more self-explanatory than "RecruitA" and "RecruitB". 😶 I'm also working on a recruit tutorial to accompany it. Echo of the Force Not much to show off yet. I plan to start on the first module tomorrow. As a test of the new version of the above mod resource, I managed to get one of the party members into the game. The clothing in the screenshot is not the intended final clothing. It just was convenient to copy Mira's appearance line when setting up her 2da lines. TSL Heads Port At the same time, I'm also working on porting the TSL heads into KOTOR I. The main issue I can foresee is that the 4 hispanic heads don't have undergarments for the scoundrel and soldier appearances. But, I'll cross that bridge and figure something out when I get to that. Misc As part of redesigning my personal website, I'm updating my readme files from my older mods to make them more consistent. I'm also uploading the ones that weren't here previously to make sure they're available.
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    Version 1.0.0


    This mod fixes the subtle gray spot on the fourth Caucasian female player head between her forehead and hair. Known Bug(s): None known TSLRCM Compatible: Yes
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    If anyone interested in online Purgatory club with your (new?) friends, come to our discord channel https://discord.gg/afsCpYX sorry for a lot of pictures, but i don't understand how to put them under spoiler lil showcase of the club (outdated)
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    Decided to go along with DP's advice of injecting files via the updated patcher, rather than wholesale .mod replacements. Making the .utc list in changes.ini alone will take me five thousand years, but I feel it'll be worth it. This will also allow the installation to be simplified considerably, as the main bulk will only require one run for all the changes to be applied, with two optional patches that can be run after. One for M4-78, other for Extended Enclave.
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    I need to keep myself awake tonight so I slapped this together. Or if it's a more upscale joint. I guess the Tarisian Ale isn't in stock anymore for some reason...
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    Uhm, what? No progress, sorry. The last thing I did with the mod was to send it out to my testers. They tested it and provided very helpful feedback but I have not yet implemented any of it. I haven't forgotten about the mod, it's just not on top of my priority list right now.
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    Hi everyone. I know it has been a very long time since I have been here I know most of you guys have guessed that this mod is dead. I wish I had better news but over the past year plus with dealing with my mental health issues...I have not been able to continue the work on it. I am doing better but there is still work to be done to get my life back in order. I'm sorry , I didn't make this post earlier. I know the interest in this project is not what it use to be but if anyone is interested in continue the project,... I can get all the files and info to you. I don't expect anyone to take it up, the most I can see if someone wants to turn the story and files into a story video on youtube. I will wait till next weekend to see if anyone is interested in taking it over. If someone does take it over, I will be happy to help answer any questions and be as helpful as I can for them. I know it will be their project then and will not challenge any changes they might wish to make to the game. Coming next weekend I will be releasing the major story elements of the RoR game if no one takes it over. Even though you will not be able to play the game, you can at least read and imagine what it could have been. During this week I will be releasing files as resources for other molders to use in their mods. I ask for modders to just add in a credit line showing you got the files from this mod. Looking at the mod and might be able to do a post along with the files and scripts used to make modules come alive fast with npcs placement and animations. I am sorry I wasn't able to finish the project. If you need to reach me, simply private message me. I hope everyone had a great holiday season and a Happy New years ! I will be around the forums for the next few weeks and hope to visit more often but days of large huge mods like RoR is over. Logan23
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    Hiya peoples! I'm looking for input! First off, JC and DarthParametric have been hard at work knocking stuff off the to-do list, and a new release shouldn't be too far out now. They've been awesome, and this patch wouldn't be the same without them! Secondly, as things have been worked on over the last little bit, we've decided that future releases of the K1CP (and K2CP if the need arises) will have tiers. In the TSLPatcher, you'll have three options to select from, with each higher tier including the changes of the lower tier. Right now, the basic idea for the tiers is like so: Tier 1: Pure bug fixes that don't have any visual change Tier 2: Bug fixes and some enhancements that will change some visual things Tier 3: Enhancements that are somewhat subjective As I said, if you select Tier 2, you'll get Tier 1 and Tier 2 installed, and if you select Tier 3, you'll get all 3. Right now we're trying to nail down the exact definition of each tier. For instance, should making the miners on Tatooine wear Czerka outfits be in Tier 1 or Tier 2? (It's a clear bugfix, but it's a visual change). Is any ported content OK in Tier 2, or should that only go in Tier 3? That's where y'all come in! What are your thoughts on what the exact definition of each tier should be? Let me know what you're thinking! Thanks!