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    I wouldn't bother making another video of this, but here's some screenshots to give you an idea:
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    Version 1.0.0


    Kotor 2 cutscenes upscaled to 3440x1440p for ultrawide users. To install, download parts 1-12, extract the .bik files and paste them into "Knights of the Old Republic II > Movies" and overwrite the existing files. Good idea to make a backup of the vanilla movies. Fully compatible with TSLRCM and M4-78. If you don't have M4-78 installed, in Part 1 just don't paste the files "DroMov02.bik" and "DroMov04.bik" into the Movies folder. Programs used to upscale the cutscenes were: - RAD Video Tools - HxD (Hex Editor)
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    Indeed, KotOR1 did not have a NextNodeID nor a NodeID for each line. I have begun taking note of which dialogs skip and altering them as required, but it's rather a long and tedious process. Given that it isn't repeatable unless you don't quit the game, perhaps it would actually be possible to test from within the override next time I come across it myself in-game. I believe even then sometimes it doesn't repeat when loading a save. Something I am also going to do is take a look at all of the dialog files in TJM as while watching a streamer play TJM nearly every dialog in the game skipped consistently and I suspect the NodeID's are all missing. Update : After looking through the dialog files in TJM modules, I can see that none of them contain the NextNodeID and all NodeID's are set to 0, which is generally the case when making a dialog file that no one is going to bother to go through and number all of the NodeID's, understandably of course as it takes quite a while, I presume that Obsidian's software for writing .dlg files handled this automatically when adding new nodes to the dialog tree. Additional : even 3cfd's dialog in the very first level has the NextNodeID set to 54 while only actually having 34 Nodes. Conclusion : either the community needs a dialog editing tool that will properly number the NodeID's when creating them, or people need to manually go through and fix every line of dialog in the game, checking and counting their NodeID's to match ( this would be insanely tedious and could take a long time ) Something else worth noting, is that the currently available Dialog Editor, when creating a TSL Dialog File, doesn't even add the NextNodeID field to the GFF filetype, this combined with numbering each NodeID 0 is bound to cause some sort of problem. Another Update : Having looked through even more dialogs, I believe I mistook NextNodeID for meaning something other than what it says it means, I think that the NextNodeID just keeps track of how many nodes are in the dialog file and isn't actually used for anything other than adding new nodes to the dialog tree. As some seem to be set to a Node that doesn't exist ie : the next node number While some are set to node numbers that equal more than the amount of nodes in the file. ( presumably Obsidian ripped out lines and didn't update the node numbers ) However, properly sorting through the Node numbers does solve the missing text borders and hopefully the dialog skipping issue too. For the moment I have been setting the NextNodeID to 0 simply because it solves the border issue and the available dialog editor doesn't make use of it ( if that is even it's purpose ) because throughout the games files, the way it is used is inconsistent, many being set to 0, some being set to what would be the next number in the list and some above the number of entry nodes even in the file. So I suspect it is just the misnumbered Nodes in the dialog tree that is causing the skipping issue, while the NextNodeID may or may not be being used for another purpose by the engine in setting up the borders. Ultimately the NodeID's themselves must have a purpose and if they are all out of line, it has to be having some negative effects on the system, I certainly hope that this resolves the issue once and for all. But only time will tell.
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    With this mod, normal maps will be the least of your concerns, there is much more possible like AO, infinite grass distance, YES: Custom REAL Time Combat, better performance and more, as Seedhartha assured me. Also the games functionalities will be the same as before, that means mods should work as usual. To illustrate the capablities of this baby i did some comparison screenshots from the PBR HDR vid above: Before: After: Before: Here the benefits of dynamic lighting are well visible, as you see. the illuminated spots at the floor are colored differently due to its unique lightsources in realtime: Before: After: the scene isnt always that dark depending on the incoming light: Before: After: And now my favorite ones - note, how much more it feels like Star Wars with those ground reflections: Btw, these are vanilla textures, that means the look can be further improved dramatically by quality texture mods.
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    Arren Kae is a character mentioned in the game, her likeness is alluded to in reference to the Handmaiden who is said to "bear the face of her mother." This mod adds a new appearance to the game using the model and textures I made for her, it doesn't do anything else, it just lets you play with her while I see if there's more interesting stuff I can do with her in future mods. You may give this appearance to the main character, or any member of your party, by means of a SaveGame Editor such as KSE. Here is a video of what she looks like: Further info: This model is the result of changes I made to Kreia's two-handed model. The original model and all its variants come with a hood animation that unveils Kreia's face, exposing a problem with the geometry that becomes most evident when making a sad facial expression. The changes I made to the model also fix this problem. The hood on this model is raised at all times, hood animations are not available. In case you wondered, I didn't make any dark-side textures for this model. Installation ================== TSLPatcher (by Stoffe) will know what to do. Just run the executable and follow the instructions. This mod adds one row to appearance.2da The following files are put in the override folder by the installer: p_arrena.tga p_arrena.txi p_arrenbb.mdl p_arrenbb.mdx p_arrenh.tga p_arrenh.txi Compatibility ================== Should be fully compatible with TSLRCM and all sorts of other mods. Known Issues ================== None. Permission ================== Nicely give credit if you'd like to use my stuff for a work of your own. Find me ================== Kreia (Deadlystream) Knights and Darths of the Old Republic (YouTube) Knights and Darths of the Old Republic (Tumblr)