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    @Malkior: Remember when we thought 2019 was crazy? How young and foolish we were.
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    All the vanilla 'Master' robes are robes with capes, truthfully they 'might' be a rarity as of right now so in coming patches that will change. I can guarantee in this mod Jolee comes with caped Jedi robes for free.
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    I like the idea a lot. Ahh... How many times walking to that compartiment knowing in advance the answer... Hoping to be able to melt -just a bit- her hardened heart (and a glitch in the game...) What about make the romance available for female characters as well? The hottest huntress in the galaxy seduced by a sensual female exile? As a female PC she does not even want to be my friend... sniff...
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    To everyone in the thread who was having issues with crashing: I found the issue. One of the lines in "appearance.2da" was incorrectly modified. I fixed the file so that it works, if you guys want to download it here. https://www.sendspace.com/file/s7k9ln If you'd rather try and fix it yourself, you basically need use KTool to open the original "appearance.2da" in the "2da.bif" file, find the data values for DarthRevanM under the "race" column, and modify this mod's 2da file so that it matches up to the original.
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    What seems to be the matter with the current hood? Edit: Please take into account RedHawke's words on the matter. "I say again, if you want the mod like the screenshots you will have to have My Revan The White/Star Forge Booster Pack or Mono-Giganto's Hooded Revan Robes mod installed when you use the Crimson Sith Templar Robes or they won't look like this."