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SLM 2.0
for TSLRCM 1.8.4/M4-78EP 1.2




For mod compatibilty with TSLRCM and M4-78EP using the STEAM VERSION of the game, you will need to install this mod into TSLRCM's Workshop Override Folder, but only after M4-78EP 1.2 (if you plan to use it). Then you may install SLM and the M4-78EP Compatibility Patch.


See this thread on the Steam website: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=488641307
Author: Kaidon Jorn (formerly Qui-Don Jorn)
Date: Summer 2015


This is a large scale lightsaber mod which was designed to work with TSLRCM 1.8.4 with the option for M4-78EP compatibilty (1.2). This lightsaber mod will not work properly without the latest version of TSLRCM (1.8.4) installed.
In this mod, each party member that is trainable as Jedi will have a lightsaber to build on the workbench through new dialog options after they have become a Jedi. These initial dialogs will require color crystals to access but will then unlock that specific lightsaber to be built as many times as you like, as long as you have the crystals. These lightsabers can be used by anyone.
In version 2.0, lightsaber schematics have been redesigned so that they are usable items that you click on to learn. They are destroyed upon use and will open the workbench dialog option to create them. You will still need to have at least one color crystal in your inventory and you must have completed your lightsaber quest in order to open the workbench options for them, since completing your lightsaber quest grants you the power to learn a schematic.
There are now NINE additional lightsabers rewarded as 'boss loot' drops depending on the planet you are on, and perhaps multiple ones on the same planet. These lightsabers have very small bonus stats tied to them and most have unique TOR inspired blade colors.
The training sabers from the TOR Saber Mod I did have been integrated and are buildable on the workbench and come in three types for three models - ion, electrical and energy damage. There are minor skill checks to create them.
With the M4-78 compatibilty files installed, Master Vash and Kaah Otohk will brandish thier own unique lightsabers which are not available in normal SLM gameplay.
This is the final lightsaber mod I will make and it uses lightsaber models from different mods I've made over the last several years, though most come from what was going to be HotOR 1.7 before that mod was abandoned.


Install by running the .exe file called "SLM 2.0"
If also using M4-78EP, apply the compatibilty patch.
1.) Open SLM's BACKUP folder - copy and paste all .MOD files into game's MODULES folder and let overwrite.
2.) Copy and paste party member .DLG files (including workbnch.dlg) and any .2DA files found in SLM's BACKUP folder into game's OVERRIDE folder and let overwrite.
3.) Copy and paste the dialog.tlk found in SLM's BACKUP folder into KotOR2's main folder. Let overwrite.
4.) Delete all saber files from the game's OVERRIDE folder. (tga's, .mdl's, .mdx's, uti's, and also Zez.utc)


*Not compatible with any other saber mods (i.e. Varsity Puppet's Duplisaber, USM, HotOR, etc, etc) UNLESS it only changes the default hilt models. This mod uses (almost) every lightsaber model slot available (13 thru 255).
*As always, do not try to put a crystal that was made for a double-bladed saber into a single-bladed saber (except Apostle's) or vice versa because it will crash your game.
*Kaah's lightsaber will be the standard yellow, not "gold" as originally planned. Although yellow blades look a little more "gold" now.
*As previously stated, you will not find Vash's or Kaah's hilts unless you have M4-78EP (1.2) and the SLM compatibilty patch installed.
*For companions like Visas, Mira, and Kreia, it's probabaly a good idea to stand off to one side of them when starting their saber making dialogs. They may get stuck trying to pathfind.
*All 13 schematics should be in your possession after helping Talia or Vaklu on Onderon. All dropped saber loot should be in your possession after the Nihilus fight.
*If you want Nihilus' lightsaber you must ask Visas for it. It will come with the mask.
*Kreia's Peragus saber is lost after Sion cuts her hand off. Don't expect it back.
* Do not try to disassemble a hilt that is already equipped by a party member. If you want to switch a party member's saber, make the new one first, then equip it on them before disassembling the one they had (or be controlling the one you want to disassemble on). No clue why this happens but it will crash the game.
* At time of release, there may be a small bug in 903MAL where Sion dosen't walk to his spot where the assassins circle around him directly after the Atton fight. (903Kreia.dlg)


Thanks to Fair Strides for all the scripting help, he basically came up with the force power script that allows you to learn a schematic. I just modified it to what I needed.
Thanks to VP (and all the Holowan Labs modders) for coding and general modding help over the years.
Thanks to Deadman for making the training sabers power on and off.
Thanks to DeadlyStream for hosting my mods.


Permissions: This mod and all my mods here on Deadlystream are all now up for grabs. Change them, fix them, do what you want. You do not need my permission nor consent and you may rerelease it whereever/however you like. I do however, expect to be credited as the original author in the readme.



What's New in Version 2.0   See changelog


  • 1.0 - 2.0 changes list
  • ======================
  • *Redesigned lightsaber schematics into usable items that you "learn". Learning the schematic sets the boolean to "true" so it is memorized in the workbench dialog file, and the schematics are no longer cluttering up your inventory.
  • *It is no longer possible for Disciple to get stuck on the MedBay wall inside the Ebon Hawk since I made him jump to the workbench like Atton does. He will still walk back to the MedBay.
  • *Further developed party member saber building dialogs of all party members so alignment will matter. Added new scenes so that Kreia and Visas will now meditate on their crystals.
  • *Adjusted hit points or stats on some of the added bosses.
  • *Updated the dialog for Atris' Telos Academy schematic crate.
  • *Integrated Apostle Saber Addon patch and renamed them to "Solace", gave them unique blade color, made a new encounter for them in Dantooine Enclave sub-level. Returned them to the original chrome texture (baremetal didn't look right). Updated icons.
  • *Integrated Training Sabers from my TOR Sabers Mod. Credit to Darth Deadman for adding the energy fields that power on and off like a lightsaber on those.
  • *Added new double-bladed saber "Elite Assassin's Saberstaff".
  • *Made assassins in Sith Academy on Korriban wield double-bladed lightsabers.
  • *Remade alot of lightsaber icons. Updated textures on several saber hilts.
  • *Cut down on the use of chrome hilts alot. Reshaded most of the ones that still use it.
  • *Eloquence now has a cerulean blade. The cyan core/blue one from 1.0 was not up to par with the rest so I got rid of it.
  • *Master Vash now has an entirely new model from the archives, she now wields the 'Aggressor'. Updated all necessary files.
  • *Renamed Vrook's saber to 'Vigilance'. Updated all necessary files.
  • *Fixed Saquesh not giving the Alderaanian Battle Saber schematic as he should have been if you help the Exchange.
  • *Fixed Kreia taking the long way around to the workbench.
  • *Finally retired my beautiful 4900 poly Acheron Saber and gave Sion an old RandomSabers model ("the Banshee") with a "scratched up" texture, a much larger scaling and a deeper red blade/pinker core.
  • *Added new powerup and powerdown sounds for sabers.
  • *Renamed the old 'Warrior's Lightsaber' found in the Korriban Tomb to 'Fury'.
  • *Rewrote and rescripted the dialog for the Sith Ghost encounter in the Korriban Tomb.
  • *Added 'Infernal Warrior's Lightsaber' with a dark orange blade and a new boss in the late game Citadel Station to beat you over the head with it.
  • *Rescaled and reskinned Revan's TOR saber. Made a new saber mod (Revan's Canonical TOR Sabers) as a seperate add-on that is compatible with this one as the way to get that saber model - *though it will replace 'Mandalorian War Leader's'*.
  • *Readjusted stats on a few of the dropped sabers.
  • *Wrote descriptions for Master's sabers.
  • *Buffed Darth Traya (Atris) for Telos Academy fight and Darth Nihilus just a little.
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Does this mod include the 

or is it the other way around? I'm trying to install just one saber mod, and I don't know which one I'm supposed to pick.

Also does anyone know what mod makes the Trayus academy look like in the last picture? It's amazing!


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1 hour ago, dantoo619 said:

does this work with 1.8.5?

With 1.8.5 only then yes, if you were to install other Lightsaber mods though that wouldn't work. But 1.8.5 does work with SLM.

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Like the idea but seems you went a bit over the top with lightsaber abundance... does this mean i can make as many lightsabers as i have color cristals? that seems a bit unbalanced don't you think?

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Hi there.


No idea if you are still reading and replying to comments, but figured it would be worth a shot. I really love your lightsaber hilts, but there are saber blades from other modders that I much prefer. I really want to use JCs ligthsaber visual effects but cannot as it clashes with this mod. Would it be possible for you to tell me which files I would need to remove from my override so I can use the two mods together? 



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On 11/14/2020 at 5:05 PM, Illustrious_Foxx said:

For me the lightsaber models have no textures. just a white shiny stick basically.

That is an issue with the Steam version of Kotor, I believe you'd need to roll your game back to before the Aspyr update.


On the Steamapp rightclick Kotor 2, go to properties, then go to "Betas", click "Select what Betas you want to opt into" and click "legacypc" to roll back the update (You will lose controller support and wide screen resolutions though)

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Since the ability to create a saber schematic is tied to the completion of the "Create Your Lightsaber" quest, I'd assume using the "No Lightsaber Quest" mod will break this one, right?

Also, someone was wondering above whether a blade fx mod would clash with this. Would it? Does this mod affect blade colors and stuff?

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I've have the lost the Learn Schematic ability needed to use the schematics, and I can't find it in KSE do anyone have any idea of what to do?

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