JC's Fashion Line I: Cloaked Jedi Robes for K1 1.1

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This mod replaces the Jedi robes worn by the player and many NPCs with a more iconic, cloaked one based on a model from K2. I've made some fixes to the model and made new textures both to improve the quality and fit into the game more smoothly.

There are two texture options: 100% Brown or Brown-Red-Blue. The Brown-Red-Blue textures maintain the color scheme of the K1 Jedi Robes. The 100% Brown textures look more like K2 textures, with different (brown) designs for the Jedi robes instead of different colors. Dark Jedi robes, of course, are always black.

Both styles come with or without gloves for your player character. If you choose a gloveless option, your hands will be bare and match your usual skin tone. NPCs will still wear gloves.

I've included most of these assets as a mod resource that can be found here.

What's New in Version 1.1   See changelog


  • Updated models to include medal hook for the light side ending ceremony
  • Added new texture variants with the Brown-Red-Blue Alternative option
  • Added gloveless support for Bastila, Jolee, Juhani, Dorak, Vrook, and Zhar
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The Revan robes use their own animations rather than the player supermodel, so they would be unaffected. The full body masked version, anyway. The other ones would still be subject to the possible head/body mismatch.

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If you want K1 animations back for vanilla models, you'll need to first create new uniquely named copies of the vanilla supermodels (edited to correctly point to the new names) and then edit the relevant body models to point those supermodels instead. As JC pointed out though, that is likely going to create head animation conflicts, so you'd probably have to create full body models to get around it. Not super practical outside a couple of prominent NPCs.

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I could provide an alternate supermodel set too. I was going to do that at one point before I decided to do the full-on replacement. I'll add that to the next version of the mod resource.

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That definitely gives me a path forward. An alternate supermodel set would help a lot. I've done some model editing before but I'm certainly no expert. I'll follow the mod resource too, in case you upload that. In the meantime, I'll probably see if I can figure out how to create that myself. If nothing else, I may learn from it.

Thank you both. I should comment on things more often rather than just trying to lone-wolf everything. XD

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