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MOD:TSL Jedi Malak Mouth Fix

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TSL Jedi Malak Mouth Fix

This mod addresses several issues with Jedi Malak's mouth in KOTOR II.

These fixes include getting rid of the white box in his mouth, correcting the texture used for his tongue, connecting gaps, enlarging upper/lower teeth, & adjusting the placement of all of the above. As pointed out by JCarter426, Jedi Malak's model also used the wrong supermodel, which I've fixed in this mod as well.

All seriousness aside, my intention with this mod was to ensure that Malak's mouth would only remain a disaster post-contact with Revan's lightsaber.

Installation & Uninstallation

To install this mod, drag the "Override" files to the Override folder located in your game's directory. If prompted, select replace.

To uninstall this mod, delete n_jedimalek.mdl & n_jedimalek.mdx from your game's Override folder.

Compatibility & Known Issues

This mod will not be compatible with anything else that replaces this model.

Known issues: When entering the Korriban cave tomb, Malak's tongue will appear half white. This is due to the lighting where he's standing & most likely can't be fixed.


Fred Tetra, Kotor Tool
bead-v, MDLedit & KOTORmax
Symmetric, Purifier, & ndix UR; KotOR Blender
Autodesk, 3ds Max
Blender Foundation, Blender

Thanks to JCarter426 for the help/troubleshooting & ebmar for the enthusiasm!


This mod is not supported by LucasArts, BioWare, or Obsidian Entertainment. It is for personal usage only & intends no copyright infringement. 

Contact me on DeadlyStream or via Discord (listed on my DS profile) if you have any questions, comments, suggestions, or the like. 

If you want to use this mod as a part of an external work, please ask for my permission first. This mod should only be found on Deadly Stream, no other user may upload it to another modding site.


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Congratualtions on this new release!

I am not much of a TSL player but I am always happy to find new fixes for this game as well.

Thanks for sharing and keep up the great work!

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Good work. As I mentioned in the file comments, some of the other models suffer from the white cube in mouth problem.


From my personal observation, the Sith Apprentice/Sith Governor from K1 head that was left in the files, as well as Atris' unused Darth Traya model. Could you possibly sort them as well?

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