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Greetings, fellow Jedi! Hope you all doin' fine. :cheers:

On my latest attempt, I tried to edit an ASCII to attach MaskHook and GoogleHook with standard Notepad and when I convert the ASCII to Binary, it works. But when I load the Binary with MDLedit an error occurred which leaves the Binary model can't be loaded. So, I surfed the net looking for an answer and then I found this freeware:

I'm an amateur with tools and stuffs but as stated in the description;


It's an editor for text files (ANSI, UTF-8 and Unicode) with syntax highlighting for the most popular web, scripting and programming languages. Extensive conversion functions facilitate the conversion, formatting, encoding and decoding of texts.

In short; when I edit the ASCII with the said tool and then save the changes, convert it again to Binary and load it with MDLedit- it loads, and all changes does loaded to the model!

The MaskHook and GoogleHook does working seamlessly despite the fact some further changes would be necessary for their positioning and orientation.

So I thought I share the news with fellows here whom perhaps having the same problem which I hope it can be helpful.

I know many have known about editing ASCII and stuffs but I'm certain a few haven't known about it.

I hope the information kind of helps; may the Force be with you all! :cheers:

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10 hours ago, DarthParametric said:

Notepad++ is what you want to use, at least on Windows. Then you can use the Aurora MDL language definition and JCarter426's NSS language definition.

Thanks for the suggestion, DP! Nice looking stuff there particularly with the Aurora MDL language definition; it looks more compact than I currently use- and with JCarter426's "NSS language definition", I thought it only covers scripting stuffs- but it seems I was wrong. Definitely I'll try to fiddle with them later.

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This post reminded me to try and fix what I was going to the other day using Notepad++

I have converted a K1 map to ascii using MDLEdit and a K2 map to ascii using MDLEdit, I have then opened them both and am looking to compare them and thinking about adding the AABB node to K1 maps, or so I thought, but it both K1 and K2 maps reference the aabb node, just in different ways.

It seems in 201tel01 the aabb node is referenced in two places, as it is in the K1 map kor_m38aa, however the initial node in K2 is


node trimesh H1_Beams
the first reference after this is
node aabb Walk1
the second aabb refereence is the same as in K1 a bunch of coordinates and just "aabb" to header them.

where as the initial node in K1 is


node aabb WM38AA04a
the second aabb reference is for a bunch of co-ordinates for the model.

With a little bit more research / tinkering I hope to try and manually add the references to the maps before re-converting them to Binary, that way I should be able to use the .vis files and have everything render correctly. ( even though removing the .vis files seems to be a perfectly viable fix for me, better to be thorough and try to do everything properly )


Edited by Thor110
Noting K1 & K2 reference the aabb node.

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