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Found 44 results

  1. jc2

    April Fools Modding

    It's a new year.... And April Fools is coming around, so why not start working on an April Fools mod? Here goes: A Republic scout walks up to the bartender on Taris after escaping the Sith, and orders a juma juice (that should be a mod, get drunk at the pub, drink the galaxy away!). He turns to the nearest NPC and clicks away, only to be greeted by a Mandalorian, who quickly remarks, "Ever been hit so hard on the head you lost your memory?.. Didn't happen to me, I was just curious." Further inquiries into his thoughts spurn more imaginative discussion. .. "If I have sons, i won't let them become jedi, for obvious reasons. Can't have them die virgins." This undercover scout can even discuss politics with the Mandalorian... "I don't understand Sith footsoldiers, I'm off to work hon! Hope my boss doesn't force push me into a computer killing me for walking to my station!" If I'll goes well, I'll have an interesting mod to release on April Fools. It's more of a joke and not a prank, though. In other news, I'm still working on Lehon Mandalorian Expansion. But I've got a working beta, and a working tslpatcher, I just need to run one more test to look for more bugs. This is not an exaggeration when I say, I've spent more hours working on LME than I have playing kotor and TSL combined. Shanilia's expansion/dlc is still non-existent, but I did write a bit more about the characters and what they were doing. I'm just not sure what kind of direction to take, yet I've learned a lot and could easily make side quests I just need good writing and scripting for actions scenes. Though she will be referenced in LME, but it's a sly reference. Save Hakra is still a WIP, scripting issues have caused delays and uprooted some of my interest in making the mod in the near future, but the spliced audio is there, and plenty of files/scripts are there. Going to have to learn how to get the lips to move with custom lips file? I remember getting a headache just reading the ReadMe for the modding tool.....
  2. View File Party Leveler K1 By Request of an anonymous /r kotor discord user, seconded by 134340Goat. JC2 Presents: Party Leveler K1 Allows the player to fully upgrade each companion from level one, keeping their original class intact as well. If you auto level up your companions, then this might not be the mod for you. However, if you enjoy strategically improving each companion to their full potential, then this is your mod. Jolee and Juhani join the party at level one, letting the PC have more control over their force power progression by five levels (default for both is level 6). Note: Does not affect Juhani in the Grove, nor Jolee before he becomes party member on Kashyyyk. Installation: Unzip and run TSLPATCHER. Uses tslpatcher, should be compatible with everything, be sure to install your mods in the correct order. Any mod you think might use the same files, install that mod, then install mine using the tslpatcher everything should be compatible. Otherwise, you risk incompatibility issues. I hope you enjoy! As always, any feedback regardless of its nature is appreciated. Submitter jc2 Submitted 11/07/2017 Category Mods K1R Compatible Yes  
  3. View File Train The Handmaiden One of the great things about TSLRCM is that the Exile can teach the party all of the forms that they learn from the Jedi masters. You could teach Atton, Mira, Visas, Bao-Dur, and Disciple all the forms and techniques you learn… wait, shouldn’t Handmaiden be on the list? She ought to be in the first place when she becomes a Jedi! However, there wasn’t any scripting or VO available for the Handmaiden to be trained in the games files nor was there ever an alternate solution. Well, after some script writing and some VO splicing by jc2, you can now teach Handmaiden all the forms just like you could for your other companions! This mod can be installed easily at any time during your playthrough and will take effect when Handmaiden becomes a Jedi. Enjoy!- Mellowtron11 Installation: Run tslpatcher **NOTE** PartySwap by DarthTyren is compatible & Leilukin's Handmaiden Fem Romance & are any other mods that edit handmaiden.dlg Compatible with TSLRCM Incompatible with anything that edits "262bdcg.dlg" see readme for workaround if necessary. See readme for details on how to use. Any feedback, regardless of its nature, is appreciated! Submitter jc2 Submitted 12/17/2017 Category Mods TSLRCM Compatible Yes  
  4. View File Star Forge Door Fix Request by 134340Goat, Prevents the PC from unlocking or breaking down the door, which was supposed to require the PC to destroy the Star Forge Droids. After Malak force chokes and kills the two Jedi, he closes this door and forces the PC to deal with the droids. However, this was not the case, and the PC could merely knockdown the door and continue. Simply copy and paste into override. I apologize for the inconvenience and have fixed the issue as of 3/12/2018. Credits: JC JC2 134340Goat FairStrides Bioware Submitter jc2 Submitted 01/12/2018 Category Mods K1R Compatible  
  5. View File Improved Grenades JC2 Improved Grenades The idea has been around for a while, but I haven't seen a mod, other than FairStrides [TSL] Fumble Grenade mod, attempt to edit the effects of grenades. So by editing the k_sup_grenade.nss, I've reworked the grenades to increase their potency. Beware! This works both ways! Demolitions now affects how much damage a grenade can do, the more demolitions a character has the more damage they can cause with a grenade. This was originally GGT89 idea from this thread > The first option is for vanilla lovers, that only adds demolitions skill as a damage bonus and increases the explosion radius slightly. Like before, a detailed log of the changes exist inside the folder! Second option for hardcore enthusiasts, the grenades instantly kill groups of people and are quite lethal! I recommend only installing this with JediShemL's Super Enhancement Mod or other realistic lightsaber/blaster mods. INSTALLATION: Copy and paste the k_sup_grenade.ncs file into the override. You will have to decide which one you want. There are two folders, each with a different version. It will take effect immediately, and can be removed, at any time, without causing any issues. Credits: Special Thanks to Bead-v for the advice on another thread about editing the k_sup_grenade script. Thanks to FS for teaching me most of the script I know! As always, this mod may update pending feedback. Hope you enjoy! -jc2 Submitter jc2 Submitted 01/07/2018 Category Mods K1R Compatible Yes  
  6. View File Revenge On The Sith (Lady) JC2 PRESENTS REVENGE ON THE SASSY SITH LADY Reason: After watching a ShemL video (RIP (Retire-In-Peace) ex-modder), I decided to allow the PC to use the Force on the Sassy Sith lady. Content: All vanilla options are kept, and (3ish) additional options are added. These options allow the PC to take revenge of different levels on the Sith minion who insults your eyes, calls you a coward, and tries to rob you. Not to mention threats you with the "wrath of the Sith." (1) Light side option (2) Dark side options to force choke/kill and,or force dominate Summary: This is a small mod that has way to many scripts attached to it, but it should add a little flavor to Manaan, by allowing the PC to get a little more "direct" revenge on this annoying Sith minion. It is similar in concept to Kill Marlena, I recommend checking that mod out as well. Installation: Unzip and run the tslpatcher, manual install is not an option. Special note to Android users: Manual install option does not exist because of the globalcat.2da file, in this mod, and is used in every major mod that exists, therefore, I assume that you would want to download better mods, and encourage you to download other mods. 1.50 Update: I recommend updating the mod by reinstalling it, or simply copy and pasting the man26_sithyell.dlg and the man26_sithyell2.dlg files into the override replacing the (2) older files. You can find these two files inside the tslpatchdata folder. Note: This is a special case. Please do not do this with other mods as most mods require the tslpatcher to run before they can function properly! Any feedback is appreciated, though it would be helpful if you tried the mod first! I hope you enjoy this mod! Submitter jc2 Submitted 12/19/2017 Category Mods K1R Compatible  
  7. jc2

    MOD:Mentor Band

    Mentor Band View File JC2 PRESENTS: MENTOR BAND ========================================================================================================== ========================================================================================================== Allows the PC to benefit from Kreia's bonus XP feat known as the "Mentor" feat, without having Kreia in your party. :BONUS XP WITHOUT KREIA: Gives an armband that when activated permanently gives that Party Member the Mentor Feat Install options for Android users TSLPATCHER included Alternately, gives an armband that temporarily gives the user the Mentor Feat. Cheats codes are provided if you want to grab the droid equivalent of the armband. ========================================================================================================== ========================================================================================================== Incompatibilities: None. Compatible with: Skip Peragus, and TSLRCM As always, feedback is appreciated! Anything from I wish it had (blank) to I didn't like (blank) to any kind of positive feedback. CREDITS: Grandy12 came up with the idea and tested out/shared important information. JC2 /r kotor community Submitter jc2 Submitted 12/12/2017 Category Mods TSLRCM Compatible Yes  
  8. So I'm curious what people think about Hakra, the insane man on the Manaan secret Republic kolto harvester. Somebody on reddit mentioned they always felt bad for not being able to save him. I thought I would try to remedy this, any thoughts on how it should go down? I've written a little dialogue and started splicing the lines, the less tampering I have to do the better, since that can quickly turn into very odd sounding sentences. So far my main idea, is that you tell him to wait in your submarine and you convince him to trust you because he's a jedi. Alternatively there's an option to trick him and then kill him, because "equality." Two undecided topics: does Darth Bandon slay him if this is the 2nd planet? Should I mess with the dlg of Darth Bandon to note this, place his body next to Darth Bandon's spawn? How does Hakra (insane guy's name) react once he reaches Manaan surface? Does he freak out? Thank you? Instantly die? Get arrested by the Republic or by Manaan? This becomes an issue because of voice overs, though he is the same voice actor for Davik (crazy right?), so would I try to mix Davik lines with his for a "happy ending." Not really sure. I don't really like the idea of this mod interacting with Darth Bandon, because it seems like that would cause incompabitlity issues, not to mention it would be annoying to do, but I thought i'd throw it out there in case someone supported the idea. Any thoughts or suggestions?
  9. View File Massage Choice Request by Valas991, JC2 Presents Massage Choice Allows the PC to decide which slave in Davik's estate, male or female slave, will give the PC a massage. It is a small mod, and shouldn't be incompatible with anything. It requires a manual install. There are only 9 files. The readme has full disclosure on how to install, it's quite easy. If you have any questions, or any feedback please send me a message, I would love to fix, change, or discusss the mod. Credits: Thanks to Fred Tetra for Kotor Tool Special thanks to the Deadlystream community! Thanks to Valas991 for his suggestion. Submitter jc2 Submitted 10/20/2017 Category Mods K1R Compatible  
  10. What if Atton Rand appeared in K1 as a Sith Special Forces operative? What if Revan, ran into one of the deathsquads he was apart of. Were the Jedi responding to their disappearances or was it believed to be merely casualties of war without anyone noticing a pattern? The idea has already begun to form, can I add a sidequest that allows Revan to investigate missing Jedi who were sent on diplomatic missions to Manaan, or doing research on Tatooine for the Jedi Archives, or captured Jedi sent to Korriban for "re-institution?" Before I get your hopes up, let me clear the air. Kotor 1 takes place at the end of the Jedi Civil War; therefore, it cannot include Atton Rand at all, simply because he deserted nearly a year prior to end of the war. This came as a sad realization, because having an Atton Rand cameo in k1 would be so interesting to write. Without Atton Rand being inside the mod, I simply lost all motivation to actually make it. Still the idea of Sith Special Forces abducting Jedi, and Revan being sent to investigate their disappearances would be a decent mod idea. Structure of the mod, would include the other door of the Jedi Enclave opening to a reskined module of the Matele Estate with several Jedi Characters. There the PC would be informed that Padawan Zeeru and his master N'iedin were investigating a distress call by a missing Jedi. This was a trap laid by the Sith to capture more Jedi. This is my rough draft of the plot development: Characters: Jedi Knight = Jawa = N’iedin > home planet Tatooine Two apprentices, only one stands beside him on Dantooine Apprentice 1 = Qrixy = female Twi’lek jedi Zeeru = Jedi Padawan 2, Zeeru stands beside Master, while Qrixy is on Manaan for Jedi diplomacy training with Ambassador Roland. N’iedin informs the PC that Jedi are being hunted down, and he intends to investigate the missing Jedi on Tatooine. There was a jedi distress single emitting from that planet. The council commissioned him to investigate it. An hour ago. A team of Jedi lead by female Master Leyana has gone missing after crash landing on Tatooine. Close the gap and have the Female Jedi Knight get captured by Atton, the rest of his squad dies while staying behind to stop the PC who is known as “a jedi padawan.” Qrixy ends up captured on Manaan, shows up as a Sith on Korriban PC finds Zeeru who’s lost in the dessert, his master was killed by Sith Special Forces, and he is being hunted. He’s trying to make it to back to Anchorage when you meet him. Battle ensues, PC wins, but dialogue about Qrixy being in danger and needing to know their master is dead.. then Jaq snipes him. Jaq is Atton Rand's alias; according to wookiepedia, this was his first name during the Civil War. Scene works like this very far off in the distance you can see Jaq and a speeder, that speeder responds and disappears several times using DelayCommand script so that it appears to be moving! Reprogram Sith Droids on Manaan (optional) before entering the hangar (they walk with you), so that they attack Jaq providing some backstory on why Atton hates droids. Qrixy is being escorted onto the shuttle with Master Leyana, Master Leyana does a force push before being gassed by Jaq (mine goes off) All of them escape, but PC fights a bunch of Sith How do they escape the PC, board a shuttle? Then what? Qrixy on Korriban can either be killed or swear fealty to Revan, there is no redeeming her. She enjoys the Darkside. Her master’s death means nothing to her, her dead friend meant nothing to her. Only a short time has passed, but she is already excelling in her training > has a Sith Master = Darth Lavernius Takes pride in having a master, doesn’t have to abide by the Academy rules, is already a Sith. Well, that was my rough draft of a large side quest that involved Dantooine, Tatooine, Manaan, and Korriban (4 planets). As you can see it was ambitious and it was very much in its development stage. An interesting thing I stumbled upon while making the Jedi Quarters (reskinned Matele Estate module), was the ability to change the head of children and the garments of them with other civilians in the appearance.2da. I could make a dwarf, or a child, depending upon if the head used had facial hair! So I tried to do just that, and actually succeeded. It was rather hilarious. I believe I got all of the children to bow as well. ====================================================================================== ::::::::::::::: ::::::::::::::::: I hope this was not a waste of your time! Thanks for reading my ramblings. -JC2
  11. File Name: JC2 Camera Mod File Submitter: jc2 File Submitted: 14 Jun 2017 File Category: Mods K1R Compatible: Yes Have you ever hated not being able to look straight up? I know I have. This mod has two different versions. VERSION 2 only modifies the player's ability to look straight up and straight down. If you have any High Quality Skyboxes or HQ texture mods for Kotor 1, then you might want to be able to see all of them without wasting time moving your player to the farthest side of the map, just to look up. VERSION 1 Zooms the camera in a bit, so that the camera angle is closer making it very similiar to the default Ebon Hawk camera viewpoint. The camera angle will remain the same during combat, providing a slightly different feel. It also includes the ability to look directly up and down. I hope you enjoy it! Credits: Fred Tetra for making KT for hosting all of my mods! Click here to download this file
  12. jc2

    Meet the Clan Leader!

    Journal Entry 51 Burk'yc Prudii Two years and five months after Mandalore the Ultimate's demise at the hands of Revan. This planet has become almost nostalgic. It reminds me of Dxun before the War, back when we trained Mando's in swamps, caves, and rivers. On Dxun some beasts were intelligent, others brainless. Here looks like a Republic recruiting holovid of the "outer rim." Looks can be deceiving, though. Herds of wild Rancor, sea serpents, and savage natives that eat the flesh of their enemies, are a constant threat. My people are broken, shattered like the planet we died at, Malachor 5. Were it not for the constant battle refining us and giving us immediate purpose. . . I cannot even imagine. At times, it is overwhelming, no Mandalore. No leadership. No mission. No glory. No conquest. Nothing but the void, to satisfy a warrior's need. I can't allow myself to focus on the past. For it was the past, that brought me to this island. A lust for revenge, at any cost, I thought. What a fool I was. Revan... Malak.... The Republic.... The only thing that matters now, is getting my people off this forsaken rock! Entry 110: Two years and seven months after Mandalore the Ultimate's demise at the hands of Revan. A Jedi has been spotted on the island. Perhaps, it's time to let go of the past and focus on the future, if I can get the Jedi to work for me, then we can get off this planet. I can't imagine the Jedi's come here to do anything but fight the Sith and leave, which is exactly what I need the jedi to do. I've sent men to intercept the Jedi before the Jedi attempts to enter the Temple. Clan Leader of Clan Farr Burk'yc Prudii
  13. jc2

    MOD:Tool Bag

    View File Tool Bag JC2 Presents >>>>>>>> THE TOOL BAG About: Adds a portable workbench to the PC. Ever wonder where on the planet there was a workbench? Often times I did, I would download mods, just to know where the workbenches were! So this mod, allows you to use your "tool bag" as a workbench at any location, at any time! The readme has full disclosure on how to use, where to get it, and all of that useful information. I hope you enjoy this mod. And please, I beg of you, if you find a potential bug with my mod, send me a PM or comment below. As always, feedback is welcome, regardless of it's nature! Nexusmodder Review: "The game needed this out of the cd case. Nice add." Submitter jc2 Submitted 04/25/2017 Category Mods K1R Compatible Yes  
  14. View File Kill Marlena On Tatooine, Marlena decides it is O.K. to murder her husband. While the PC is either oblivious to this, or acknowledges it, yet still does nothing about it. This is wrong. Being ignorant or merely not understanding a psychotic woman is understandable, but for those who chose the dialogue option "it sounds like you are going to kill him!" Then, it becomes apparently obvious that a mod is needed to fix this lame interaction into a character developing moment. You can either bring justice to the outer rim by killing her, as a Jedi. Or you can cut her down, because she assumed you to be a low life thug. Or even, simply because she reminds you of your ex-girlfriend who broke your heart and you need compensation from a video game to express the full extent of your "feelings." You poor thing. Nevertheless, there are 6 total response the PC can have to this situation. 5 Darkside responses leading to death. 3 Lightside responses/outcomes Recently added a force persuasion option, it'll make you laugh! Therefore, if you are not sure if you'll go darkside or lightside, you will still benefit from downloading this mod! Also, you can inform Tanis (her husband) of his wife's condition. Either alive, dead, or gone, etc... See readme for full disclosure on the mod, including how to get the most out of it. I hope you enjoy! Please give any feedback, even negative! I need it to improve. Credits: Fred Tetra for KT and Stoffe for his tslpatcher for hosting this mod. Request made by ToddHellid. Submitter jc2 Submitted 03/24/2017 Category Mods K1R Compatible  
  15. List any bugs here, if you want. Give any feedback here, if you want. Insert any random comments here, if you want. You get where this is going..... So let's switch over to something new. Shanilia updates may happen after I patch whatever bugs arise. I didn't want to rush production and release more content to Shanila, without first making sure that everything is 100% straightened out. Wait what? You didn't test Shanilia out JC2? No, I did. But bugs can arise and feedback (hopefully) will come with suggestions to fix, replace, modify, add, remove certain aspects. The idea is to polish, before adding more. And to be honest, I have become biased and glued to the character myself and another have created. Hard to see the issues, problems, misconceptions, plot holes, etc... News/ potential future of Shanilia If people actually like Shanilia, here's the possible next steps. >Add Sidequest >Bring in backstory for Ferroh (accidentally misspelled as seen in the screenshot) >Introduce Hynpar >Incorporate those two characters into sidequest >Add lightsaber >Possibly add an alternative ending, as suggested by a respected modder That's about it, if you have any ideas, then feel free to share them. -JC2
  16. Hey Deadlystream! I'm working on a merchant replacement for yortal Ixis on Manaan. He's the Ithorian right outside the Sith base who gets mocked by the Sith about his shop being "trash." Anyways, I always thought he was worthless, never having any good items, just some lame droid ones, and after playing TSL I got really tired of hearing Ithorians speak. I am replacing him with Shanilia. Three things I want to achieve: Overwrite Yortal to Shanilia (A Grey Jedi Merchant) Add excessive new dialogue to Shanilia, which will become available based on plot advances in kotor, (i.e. Selkath Youth Corr Quest, Sith Embassy infiltration, Swoop racing champion, Revan Revelation, darkside/lightside completion of Manaan, Korriban, and mabye Kashyyyk.) Add a few custom items to Shanilia's Shop including a Dxun Robe, a Mandalorian sword, Bothan Baton, and the robes from my previous mod. Some facts about Shanilia: Follows the Grey Jedi Code Was a Revanchist Trades on Manaan Knew Jolee Bindo Trained on the Jedi Temple on Dorin (as shown to have a Jedi Temple by the Mandalorian Wars chart) Twi'lek, speaks Ryl Currently, I have myself and another writer working on the dialogue/backstory of Shanilia with a rough draft consisting of 5,000 words. Issues: Haven't gotten the Mando'a blade, and Bothan Baton to accept reskin changes, they look vanilla with only the stats changed. Have not tested out a few scripts to be sure they do what I think they do. Have not tested out all of the female Ryl voice overs, so I am still working on what sound file has what emotion attached to it. Anyways, I thought a WIP would keep me motivated to finish the mod. As always, feedback, regardless of its nature, is welcome!
  17. How to use Alien Voice Overs in kotor 1 If you are familiar with the DLG EDITOR skip to STEP 4, otherwise continue reading. Step 1: download kotor tool > Step 2: Download dlg editor > Step 3: Watch and read other tutorials about dlg (short for dialogue editing) > And Don’t worry about trying to understand everything written on the Lucasforums. You only want to know the basics, until you need to learn more. Let me briefly explain the three things you need to know before implementing Alien Vos. First: extract the dialogue file using the kotor tool. You will find this file (presumably you have already chosen it) in the RIMS > Modules > then the specific modules, for example manm26ab_s.rim. Do not attempt to edit the dlg file with the kotor tool, it is bugged. Do not attempt to edit anything or even open it in the kotor tool for dlg files only. If you extract the file after opening it with the kotor tool dlg editor it will be bugged. Second: Understanding basic add reply and entry: Reply is the PC dialogue option, entry is the NPC dialogue option. When left untouched after being created it will read (continue), if left this way, the dialogue will be skipped allowing you to put together two or more NPC or PC replies. Third: How to access the 2da files. Open kotor tool > BIFs > 2da.bif > 2d Array > AlienSounds. Double click aliensounds and it will show you a master list of Alien Vos. STEP 4: Discern what alien VOs you want to use, i.e. don’t make a Wookiee speak Ithorian. Take your hands off the keyboard and think. Where did you hear the Alien VO used in the game? Which modules (maps or locations in the game) did you hear it? I’ll use my example, I wanted to get every female Twilek VO (28 total) but I had to find each module that had these lines in them. Because, not every module has every VO listed in it. I ended up going to four different modules > Tar_m02aa/ Tar_m03ae/ Tar_10ac /tar_m11aa. Determining which modules have you VOs is painful, ask around, or go look into the dlg files of each module you think might have that VO. This is what I did. Yeah, I mean the painful choice, thanks for asking… STEP 5: These modules I listed previously all have a .lips folder that accompanies them. This is what you want to toy with. Once you have the modules names, do not extract these modules! Just write down the list. Instead go to where your kotor is installed, click on a folder called “lips” and take out each of the files named after the modules on your list. Mine were > Tar_m02aa/ Tar_m03ae/ Tar_10ac /tar_m11aa. Step 6: Now copy and paste these files into your MODULES folder found next to the LIPS folder somewhere. Exit out of kotor tool, and restart it. It has to reload itself, it does not refresh automatically. Step 7: ERFS > Modules> there should be your module (example Tar_m02aa.lips) with a .lips attached to it. Double click on that> click on “N” then extract whatever VO you want. Some modules may not have any of that alien’s VOs. Step 8: Rinse and repeat step 7 until you have all of your VOs you want or all of them in general. Double check how many total VOs for that alien exist by going back to your 2da AlienSound file. Step 9: Create a folder to extract and keep track of the alien VO’s. Step 10: Understand basic shortcuts listed by the AlienSounds such as angs, seds, hpys. The first three letters dictate the emotion, the fourth dictates the length. Ang=angry, Sed=Seductive, Hpy=happy, they are easy, ask around if you don’t understand one. A hard one might be comm1 =common medium 1, there are two of them. Some have numbers, just means some variation. Back to the length S=Short, M=Medium, L=large. Step 11: Open the dlg file you wish to edit, put alien VO into the SOUND, not the VO_ResRef. It will only work if you check “Sound EXISTS” Now you will hear the VO when you talk to the NPC, but wait. The lips don’t move? Step 12: You’ve collected all of the VOs that you want from the lips in step 9, copy and paste those into the override folder. Now when you speak to the NPC their lips will move. Capitalization is not important you can write N_GFTWILEK_ANGS or n_gftwilek_angs. HACKS FOR NOOBS: simply do step 11 and ignore the lips never moving, be content with your poor work, and be hated by everyone. Hope this tutorial helps you understand everything you will need to know for adding alien VOs. Credits: Bead-v, RealRece, and SithSpectre basically taught me all of the above. I merely transcribed their teaching onto a tutorial.
  18. View File Enslave Zaalbar JC2 Presents: ENSLAVE ZAALBAR Spoilers ahead! After you command Zaalbar to kill mission using the Force to manipulate him, he betrays you on the Star Forge. This mod gives you the choose of killing him or enslaving him to your Dark will. He just doesn’t know how far he’s fallen. Afterall, Darth Sidious’s greatest strength was deception/manipulatoin CAUTION: If you kill Mission and fail to Force Persuade Zaalbar to do it, then my mod will not present this option. Keep in mind, my mod allows you to enslave Zaalbar on the Star Forge, not on the Unknown World. // \\ ONLY FOR THOSE WITH SAVE MISSION INSTALLED For clarity, if you have “Save Mission” installed and choose to kill Mission, and you have this mod installed, then you can keep Zaalbar (Mission will still die). Keep in mind you have to have force persuasion to convince Zaalbar to kill Mission. If he does not kill mission, this mod will not work as it will have nothing to do. If do not have “Save Mission” installed, then do not worry. CREDITS: (Credits my brother, CREDITS!) Thanks Fred Tetra for the Kotor tool! Thanks FS for the DLG editor FS/Kexikus for the script help Thanks Deadlystream for hosting my mod Thank you for downloading it! Thanks Zeitresu for being the first to try this out! Thank you Canderis for your words of wisdom, I woke up to the thought of "You don't want to upload a broken mod, trust me!" Thanks JuiceTin for 2.00 bug information How to install: Unzip, then copy and paste files into Override file. Uninstall by removing the files. UPDATE 2.0 notes: Recommend re-installing there was a glitch that prevented Zaalbar from staying in your party, instead he would just stand there. Please give me feedback Postive/Negative is welcomed and encouraged! Submitter jc2 Submitted 02/20/2017 Category Mods K1R Compatible  
  19. JC2 Robe Mod View File JC2 Darkside Robes I’ve enjoyed so many mods on kotor and tsl because of this community. Thanks guys! I wanted to give back to the Deadlystream community and keep kotor alive. So I made this mod as a first step into learning how to mod. Content: adds four custom robes into the game. Each robe can be found during your playthrough without cheats. Readme has description of where each are located if you do not mind spoilers. Keep in mind these robes are gained through, largely, darkside decisions. Robes are wearable by PC and NPC (party members) though they have to have the proper alignment. However, cheat codes are in the readme. Installation: Unzip files, then simply copy and paste files into override to install There is no tsl patcher, or anything of that sort. Uninstall by removing files from override. Robe names: Acolyte Robe (Any alignment) Dark Knight Robe (Any alignment) Dark Master Robe (Darkside restricted) Grey Jedi Robe (Neutral restricted) As you can see, three robes are darkside restricted while only one is limited to being a “grey jedi” or being neutral. To clarify, half way between dark side and light side is considered neutral, if you KSE it would be 50 out of 100, 100 being holy light side and 0 being fully dark. Compatible with BOS:SR Compatible with K1R, see readme Incompatible with robes that edit the same added uti files, see readme for full disclosure on topic. Acknowledgements: Thanks for the kotor tool Fred Tetra! Thanks Deadlystream for hosting my mod and being an awesome Kotor community. Thanks to tk102 for his K-GFF Editor. Thanks FairStrides for the HexEditor help. Special Thanks to RealRece and Achillies for their tutorials. Lastly, Thanks Bioware for an amazing game! Permissions: If you feel like using my mod for another mod in any way, then feel free to do that, just place me in the credits. Feel free to leave negative feedback and/or PM about bugs. Submitter jc2 Submitted 01/04/2017 Category Mods K1R Compatible