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  1. Just bought the original KOTOR on steam. Had it before on xbox. Much better on PC!

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    2. Plasticcaz


      But any suggestions for later?

    3. Mandalore


      I'd suggest Darth Malak: Dark Lord of the Sith. It makes Malak look far more intimidating, as is the Nihilus skin by the same author.

    4. milestails


      Weapons of the Old Republic

  2. Now on Steam...

  3. Hello Craig, I'm back! (Doctor Who reference)

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    2. HK-47


      Answer: It is the answer to life, the universe, and everything. So yes.

    3. darthbdaman
    4. Plasticcaz
  4. So... Spark Unlimited is making Lost Planet 3... awkward...

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    2. Tyvokka


      Your lack of faith... is disturbing.

    3. Plasticcaz
    4. hkmandalore47


      no BF3 :(. i hope lucasarts will at least start it though, it would be a smart move on their part.

  5. What's everyone's thoughts on the Battlefront 3 leaks? (New footage of cancelled Free Radical Game)

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    2. Plasticcaz


      The version of BF3 shown in PTOP's site was cancelled, but a group I'm with thinks Spark Unlimited is making it.

    3. hkmandalore47


      hk-47 and bendarby: watch tuggiegamereviews on youtube. he has all this stuff that proves that spark unlimited is making bf 3.

    4. gua543


      Mass Effect moving anyone?

  6. Yeah, I figured something like that happened. Keep it up
  7. Hey Logan, I understand that things rarely work out as planned with small mod teams, but last I heard, you were planning on releasing another patch fall/winter of last year right? (I'm assuming you live in the Northern Hemisphere.) Obviously somethings happened, and I understand, but is there a new ETO for the next patch? Thanks...
  8. I saw it on moddb! Cool!
  9. Last episode of A Clone apart Season 1 is up! I hope the guy starts work on season soon!

  10. My favourite games of 2011: The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim My brother got this on Boxing Day, and I must say, that I am hooked. Absolutely great! Portal 2 Absolutely fantastic! Though I have little desire to play it again... it's one of those games that you play through once, completely enjoy yourself, then leave it for a long time before you play again. Game I have to mention: Age of Empires Online This, unfortunately cannot be named GOTY in my opinion. It was a mistake on Microsoft's part in my opinion. I enjoyed it for a while, but it has faded. I'll likely give it another go with the Skirmish hall coming out this month, but I've almost given up on it. I've realized that I play games for their story, which AOEO has very little of. Such a shame... Anticipated games of the future: Command and Conquer Generals 2: I didn't like the first Generals, but with Bioware watching over the game, I think we can expect a decent story this time. RUMOURED: Battlefront 3 and\or Jedi Knight game Spark Unlimited is working on something... TuggieGameReviews (youtube guy) is convinced it's a Star Wars game... I'll be watching...
  11. Hey Logan, you there? Any news on Revenge of Revan

  12. G'day from Australia! I hope you enjoy yourself here! By the way, What's wrong with Skyrim? (Yes, I play Skyrim)
  13. I would think that you will just download the game that they've compiled. They don't have a release yet, as far as I know. They're in the early stages of development.