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    2. DarthParametric


      Oh yeah. I guess I blocked that whole movie out. I'd suggest that it could have been filmed in advance, but that amount of forethought would be giving them too much credit.

    3. Sith Holocron

      Sith Holocron

      I understand blocking that movie out. That's why it hasn't joined the BluRay collection and never will.

    4. HK-47


      hahaha. Well, there was absolutely no forethought. JJ, the cast, and others have admitted that there was no plan. The fact they didn't give each film the proper time and... well anyway, it's obvious. I wish people would stop looking at the "good moments/concepts" and saying "it's all done well/perfect". It's not the moments, it's not about us OT or PT fans, it's not about Rey (or any female) being the lead character. The surface isn't the important part, it's what's underneath. Why and how were the moments reached and how do they connect? What respect for the characters from the OT and PT is shown? Why is x character (insert thing here)? THAT is what the issues are about. It's not about "what", it is (as is all things in life) about "why".

      This was a nice watch.