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  1. Those that wish to use my Soundset mods in KotOR2 should be able to do so if they install @JCarter426's mod first.  Thanks JC!  If you have questions about his mod, you should ask him though as he made it.  (For my mods, you can look here.)

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    2. JCarter426


      That was fast. 🙂

    3. Sith Holocron

      Sith Holocron

      Please confirm on my mod's download pages (i.e. the soundset mods) if you have success when using JC's and my mod in tandem. Those will let those that follow know it works.

    4. NikaAlexandrov


      I am checking right now @Sith Holocron or trying to, though not all of the darkside Jaesa files replace all of the regular female voice files so I'd have to go and check further into peragus first. Lol but will report back further letting you know :) I wish there was a soundbyte for her for when the exile was bashing a door though.

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