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  1. Finally got around to porting the Handmaidens into Kotor I and will include a small side-quest involving them. They will be standing outside where the Jedi Enclave sub-level and the archive storage would be

    swkotor 2021-10-09 17-01-34.png

    1. JasonRyder


      I thought Atris recruited them AFTER the events of KOTOR 1, not before. Can you explain why they're here? 

    2. EAF97


      @JasonRyder is there any source definitively proving this? It's definitely confirmed that Atris was already moving relics secretly from the Enclave prior to its destruction and that Brianna, the "Last of the Handmaidens," was one of the main Handmaidens who was helping her handle the relics. The Telos "Academy" was perhaps not fully set up by this point but Atris was already setting it up at this time. The Handmaidens' father Yusanis had already been killed by Revan at this point since the player themselves are Revan after all the notorious acts he committed so they would have already been orphans by now. So perhaps the place on Telos was not fully set up by this point, but a case could be made that the Handmaidens had perhaps already started working with her even if the formal setup seen in Kotor 2 wasn't arranged yet. Unless you can find definitive sources establishing when exactly she recruited them and that it was after the events of Kotor 1. If so, then I will reconsider.