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    Love this mod. The only issue is that in the mobile version we can't complete the Telos fuel quest. The korriban outdoors defence is omitted. The final scene of kreia taking down everyone is absent.
  1. i made a mistake regarding the TSF officers. Its fixed now Onderon_Sol_TSLRCM.rar
  2. Ahhh... No wonder lol. I was hoping to get an editor to make changes to the main campaign
  3. Thank you so much. I am trying MotS Again. Is there a map edit where we get friendly NPCs like in the first mission? There's a mission where the Republic ship is attacked by pirates and was hoping that there would be more Republic soldiers alive *sprinkled* around the ship since they ARE fighting the pirates and not mara jade alone.
  4. Just look at this freaking beauty lol. Anyhow I'm using a mobile version of kotor2. I had downloaded the tslrcm mobile version and installed this mod and now the dead body at the beginning looks like this. Are others having a similar issue?
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    View File Featgain I tried using the Ultimate Feat mod but midway through the level I became too powerful and all the feats got assigned. To mitigate that I've edited the feats gain file to have only 3 instead of 4 so that we don't become too powerful midway through the game. Thank you and I hope you guys like it. Submitter Jj117 Submitted 06/06/2021 Category Mods TSLRCM Compatible Yes  
  6. View File Onderon Soldier skin Change to Republic Soldier It makes sense that since Republic government and onderon are working together. They should have garrisoned Republic soldiers hence I changed some of the onderon soldiers into Republic officers and soldiers. Please keep it mind that this is an appearance.2da file and it needs to be placed first before adding other mod. Edit: Fixed the TSF officer head. Submitter Jj117 Submitted 06/06/2021 Category Skins K1R Compatible No Onderon_Sol_TSLRCM.rar
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    Version 1.0.0


    I tried using the Ultimate Feat mod but midway through the level I became too powerful and all the feats got assigned. To mitigate that I've edited the feats gain file to have only 3 instead of 4 so that we don't become too powerful midway through the game. Thank you and I hope you guys like it.
  8. Version 1.0.0


    It makes sense that since Republic government and onderon are working together. They should have garrisoned Republic soldiers hence I changed some of the onderon soldiers into Republic officers and soldiers. Please keep it mind that this is an appearance.2da file and it needs to be placed first before adding other mods. onderon_sold.zip
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    TSL Restored Content Mod

    Thanks for replying and yes you do make sense about the limitations of mobile gaming. I do understand that the mod could have been made into a more compatible. This game did came out last year and I am using a Poco F1 device which has the Snapdragon 845 chip. Just to clarify, I did try playing the game on my Redmi Note 4 which uses a much weaker chip but it ran fine when I played kotor1 with improved texture mods and even kotor2 with various mods (I didn't use the HD textures but like those improved effects kind). From my experience phones these days are pretty powerful. Even the mid range ones. So I think the creator of the mobile version should give us the option to have either the 'full" experience or the "lite" experience of the tslrcm. And I didn't watch all the videos of Negative Zero regarding the mobile versions and didn't know about the audio limitations and his phone/game crashes. Thank you for clarifying those. And yes about the telos fuel quest. I hope they come up with an update of this file rectifying that error. I mainly downloaded the pc version and installed them only due to absence of above mentioned scenes and quest bugs. Thank you for taking your time to explain. I'll try to check where the telos quest is located in the pc version and try to port it to mobile. Hopefully ill be able to find it through kotor tool. P. S. I forgot to mention that the thief voice works when I use the tslrcm pc version on my mobile. I'll try to override those audios to my mobile and check.
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    TSL Restored Content Mod

    sure no problem And please do clarify with others regarding the mobile version but as far as i know those things are missing. And another thing, the cutscene causes the game to crash. Im talking about the Peragus cutscenes that occurs outside the peragus fuel station. i had to delete all the RCM movies to prevent it from crashing and it occurs regardless of the PC or Mobile version please note that the mobile version i downloaded last year when the game got released on playstore.
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    TSL Restored Content Mod

    okay here goes. Khoonda battle in Dantooine: In the TSLRCM pc version we get to fight outdoors first and then get inside the Administrator building, but in the mobile version we directly skip to the indoors. Dantooine: The thief dialogues are missing and she doesnt have a voice. There are some npcs with no voice like this. Malacor V: The part where Atton and the others get together to fight Kreia but fail miserably. This is completely absent in the mobile version. Nar Shaada: The Telos Fuel quest cannot be completed in the Mobile version Even if you complete all tasks There are few minor scenes missing but they are not necessary but i feel like these are the major scenes missing in the mobile version
  12. Few days ago i requested mod for converting Onderon and Khoonda militas to be turned into Republic Soldiers since they are under the Republic Government. One user helped me tremendously and i have finally managed to change it. I have not completely changed the Onderon soldiers into Republic ones since They are supposed to work hand in hand so i have left some of the Onderon models as they are. Khoonda militia i still have trouble searching for their files even with Kotor Tool So ive left them as they are. Please keep in mind that i used the TSLRCM mod verision of Appearance but this should work without the said mod. Anyhow enjoy the carnage . Onderon_Sold_tslrcm.zip
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    TSL Restored Content Mod

    p.s. i have finished the mobile version and i do remember vividly that there were contents missing so just to be sure i installed the TSLRCM pc version on the mobile. Youtuber Negative Zero shows how to install TSLpatcher mods without needing the actual Kotor on PC. i have installed several mods on Kotor1 using the same technique, epsecially mods that are conversions or such and have not faced problems regarding compatibility or otherwise. Also i added several mods while using the TSLRCM mobile version and it didnt have any problems and i was able to finish the game too but it didnt have the many restored content in the mobile version.
  14. Jj117

    TSL Restored Content Mod

    why does the loading screen show 1.8.5 and not 1.8.6??? i downloaded from this site and its showing that . And i am stuck here. The doors wont open. I am playing it on a mobile
  15. SO after the cutscene where Kreia beats everyone and Atton runs away at Malacor V. I enter the temple but after that there are no indicators to open the door. I am just stuck unable to progress. Any help regarding this? i am using the 1.8.6 version as indicated in the download section (Although the loading screen shows its 1.8.5 which is weird) and if you are going to say that i didnt download the right version then the problem is on your file being uploaded the wrong version because i downloaded the TSLRCM mod from this site. i am using multiple mods and im playing it on my mobile but i have not used mods that change Area or texture of the world. Help Sending you screenshot Edit Jesus FUckign Christ i remember now why i didnt bother installing this mod back when kotor2 got released on mobile. It was so damned buggy. There are numerous bugs and the most prominent of them being the movie folder that stops you from progressing and i was compelled to delete the movie folder. Then came the "Skip peragus" mod which broke the mod and then finally when i managed to circumvent these errors then finally this. I remember just deleting the game because i got so frustrated over it. Anyhow this is the screenshot of the place where the doors wont open and i dont know how to use cheats to phase through the doors. I know this mod was made with lots of love and affection but please for the love of christ almighty fix such bugs. Thank you
  16. I tried the Ultimate Feat Mod found in nexusmod and it is a fun little mod but i found out midlevel that you become pretty powerful and you can no longer assign feats which leads to other complications like (Not being able to assign powers since you cant just click on the Recommend button since all the feats are assigned) to mitigate this i have edited the Feat gain per level from 4 to 3. Hopefully this will help mitigate the problem. I am not a programmer or modder, This is just me trying out the kotor tool and im very amateur. Thank you. This should work on both Kotor1 and 2 featgain.rar
  17. The mod called Coruscant Jedi Temple is a fun little sideshow from the Main Campaign. It is just sad that the map is awfully empty. I mean i get that according to canon the Jedis have disappeared but cmon the Republic still see the Jedis as heroes or such (According to GoTo) and such why shouldnt the temple still be filled with Diplomats, Traders and Republic Soldiers still patrolling the area. Can someone please edit this mod and add more friendly NPCs. Thank you. @deathdisco P.S. im using Call_of_Aid 1.2 version to place the Soldiers for reference. (Check Screenshots for reference) P.P.S. Im using kotor2 mobile version and i have found a way to install TSLPatchers files thanks to a youtuber called Negative Zero. You simply need to copy a file (from the main kotor game) or create a file called dialog.tlk and whenever the TSLPatcher asks for installation location you select the folder that has the Dialog.tlk file and Viola. You can now add TSLRCM and other countless mods to play
  18. @deathdiscoi love this mod. It is quite fun. One thing that i feel is needed is presence of more Republic Soldiers patrolling the area. I am using the Call_of_aid 1.2 mod to position NPCs on key locations which i feel they need to be placed . Im not a modder and have no knowledge about how to edit maps etc, i wish there were more NPCs populating the map since it is , after all, the heart of the Republic Government. Here are some screenshots. Keep in mind im playing it on my mobile. Please someone add more friendly NPCs (Republic Soldiers, Diplomats, etc). This map really feels empty. Thank you.
  19. I don't know if others have reported it but I am compelled to remove the movie folder because the game crashes when I'm outside the peragus fuel station before the arrival of Harbinger. Also, It is not compatible with Skip Peragus mod so my solution is using mods like Peragus droid overhaul and Peragus dead body mod to make peragus more interesting. I've been playing the mobile version of kotor (1.0.7) and kotor2 (2.0.1) and it works perfect except for these two.
  20. Thank you Ive successfully edited the files. If anyone wants to try the files then please feel free to download it. appearance.2da appearance.xml
  21. Can someone edit the models so that the Onderon soldiers and Dantooine Militias wear Republic/TSF armour and helmet. The Logic being that since they are under the Republic Government why shouldnt they be issued standard military gears and weapons while retaining their planet's military colour. Reference in the picture. Thank you. P.S. i have zero technical skills to edit NPC models and textures so kindly understand that i dont know how to edit them. i just did a copy paste and rename of Tga files to reskin the Republic soldiers into TSF once and that was it. https://www.nexusmods.com/kotor2/mods/1119
  22. Hey I was just wondering is there a fix or fixes for the kotor 1 crashes? I have both the kotor 1 and 2 on my mobile and I must say kotor 1 has numerous crashes namely the party members suddenly becoming broken or saves getting corrupted or game crashing when I summon NPC (call of aid 1.6). Are people experiencing crashes both on mobile and pc? I'm using multiple mods on my kotor 1 and 2 mobile but I only seem to experience random crashes on kotor 1. If there are fixes for it can someone share link files for it? Thank you.