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  1. another dumb question. So i tried adding an NPC at peragus first level which is 101per just to test if it works or not. The whole game crashes if i try adding an NPC. I have moved the git file on module and rims although i have the TSLRCM installed it does not edit the first level.
  2. ive managed to add NPCs on a level but i dont know how to make them equip weapons. Previously i used to make an npc carry (example a blaster rifle) and then enabling the modded feat ID: 93 on FEAT section but now i cant even open the "edit inventory" section while editing an NPC. Is it a problem from my end or is the app broken? yes i do add NPC like this as shown above and then i edit the npc position through the MODULE section (Where we get only the 2d map) p.s. when i click on the "EDIT INVENTORY" this appears Traceback (most recent call last): File "editors\utc\utc_editor.py", line 447, in openInventory File "editors\inventory_editor.py", line 128, in __init__ KeyError: <EquipmentSlot.INVALID: 0>
  3. thank you. this was really educational and a much needed tutorial
  4. a quick question. Where is the GIT file saved? and how do i add new NPC? because when i try to add an npc it has the camera icon. When i play the game the newly added NPCs dont show up. Ive tried editing through the module as shown in your video adding Malak but (Since im a noob) i cant figure out whats what. Can you help. Thank you P.s. Where are we supposed to place the git file? is it on override or module folder?
  5. do i need to restart the whole game again? because i added a new npc on Dantooine and the map refused to be loaded right after escaping from taris.
  6. that is true... but look what happened to the jedis during order 66 lol. Or when Malak destroyed the jedi temple. Anyway the Republic Soldiers patrolling the area outside and inside would be highly appreciated if they are added
  7. please do add Republic Soldiers patrolling the area. It will make sense why the Sith dont just attack dantooine at will
  8. can we have Republic Soldiers patrolling the area and space ships hovering above the academy
  9. cant wait for the new update of this awesome modding tool. Keep up the good work P.S. will you be able to release the module editor sooner ? this is truly an awesome modding tool. Easy to use and learn. Also is there a way to edit the skybox? Would be awesome if we can add republic fighters and cruisers in the sky to show why even the sith dont just pursue Revan and his followers to Dantooine.
  10. is there a possibility to have the regular republic soldiers and republic commando units as separate entity?
  11. Hey i am using the 1.5.2 version of the holocron toolset. It is quite easy for beginners. What i cant figure out properly is , how to make a stationary NPC move randomly on a given level/map using this tool. Thank you
  12. hey im having a great time using this tool kit. One thing i cant figure out is Whether there is a way to modify an existing NPC who are stationary by default (UTC) but make them walk randomly in a given map. Thank you