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  1. Alex Star


    Works with danil-ch's Extended Ending mod too
  2. This mod is not comparability with the KOTOR 1 Community Patch. The two mods together causes some of the Jedi bodies to go missing. Here's a example:
  3. Alex Star

    Luke Skywalker

    1977 - 2014
  4. Alex Star


    Here's a test with the party facing Traya
  5. I got this error. The mod seems to work though. I moved from the patch into override. installlog.txt
  6. This patch is causing problems with not just the party swap mods but the main game. I gotten two types of problems (using both a saved file and new game). 1. After the Harbinger arrives in the movie cut scene, it shows in space gameplay with Sion's voice. Then it cuts to the player on the Harbinger in the space suit. 2. After entering the door into the Telos Academy first time, it cuts to a movie where the Ebon Hawk is arriving to the academy, and then cut to game where your party is outside the hawk. Pretty much it skips the Handmaidens and Atris encouter.
  7. There's another similar situation with the Harbinger. When it arrives to Peragus, it shows space only and Sion speaks. Then it cuts to you on the Harbinger in your space suit. I had the same issue when using the saves files (same thing with the Telos Academy problem). I used a new game and that proves it's a mod problem. I think the patch is the main problem. Until this gets work out, I don't recommend using the Extended Enclave patch. I'm going let N-DReW25 know about this problem.
  8. Yes the Handmaiden and Atris cut scene after the patch it seems.
  9. So I install one mod at a time, and tested the outcome each time. As soon I install the Enclave Extended Patch, it gave me the cut scene error via the downloaded save file. So it's not the extra mods that's causing it, but the Extended Patch. So now I need to know if it will work as a new game. When you tested the mod, did you use a save file or a new game?
  10. Ugh alright. I'll give it a shot when I start playing after I'm done with KOTOR 1. I'll let you know how everything works out. Wish me luck. Thank you for everything, Leilukin.
  11. I reinstall the game two times. One Without the jedi temple mods, and one without the KOTOR 2 Patch. I'm getting the same thing. I might have to try the game now with only the TSLRCM, M4-78 and Extended Enclave to see if its only the saves files or something more.
  12. Thanks. I'll delete the mods then and the rest relating to them. But tell me, what kind of modifications does the mod uses on the Jedi Temple Academy on Teloes?
  13. These are the mods I use: Widescreen: Improved Widescreen Experience 1.0.0 Widescreen UI Fix for Knights of the Old Republic 2: The Sith Lords 4.1 TSLRCM, M4-78, Party Swap, Extended Enclave, Patch, and the this mod. Extra: Extended Carth Meeting 1.2 ExtendedEnding 1.01 Kreia's Lightsaber / Long sword 1.1.0 Galaxy Map & Jedi Temple: Coruscant Jedi Temple by deathdisco HK-42s Jedi Temple Expansion mod Coruscant - Jedi Temple Compatibility 1.1 TSL Galaxy Map Fix TSL Galaxy Map Fix Coruscant AddOn & New Coruscant Icon and Planet Textures 1.0 Full Jedi Council 2.0 KOTOR 2 Community Patch v1.5 Movies: 1080 1080 Patch M4-78 Movies Remade 3.0 Kreia's Fall cutscene (in-game) 1.1 High Quality Skyboxes: HQSkyboxesII_TSL HQSkyboxesII_TSL_M478EP HQSkyboxesII_TSL_JediTemple TSL Backdrop Improvements TSL HD Cockpit Skyboxes Saves: KotOR II + RCM + M4-78EP saves TSL Entire Game Save Collection 1of2
  14. I think I'm having a problem with the mod. I install the TSLRCM and M4-78. I installed in order the party swap mod, extended enclave, extended enclave patch, and this mod. I tested the mod by using a few downloaded save files. I loaded at the part where the party are about to take the ship to the Jedi Temple on Telos for the first time. After I defeated the HK droids and enter the temple, it cuts to a cutscene where the Ebon Hawk lands into the Jedi Temple on Telos and then just shows the party outside the ship, skipping the dialogue scenes with handmaidens and Atris. Did you have any problem like this by chance? I thinking that its either the mod, or the save file I downloaded (maybe I have to play the mods with a new game) but I don't want to take a great amount of time to find out.
  15. Unfortunately this mod only has problems with the Brotherhood of Shadow mod. Robes from that mod, including Revan's robes in the image above, are effecting the mod. As far as I know, only this mod (and maybe JC's Fashion Line I: Cloaked Jedi Robes for K1) are having problems