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  1. Any possibility to make the characters hold the hilt closer to the mid-section rather than the neck? I'd be willing to go into my ini file if need be.
  2. if you're talking about the pre rendered cutsceens the sabers in those aren't affected as they're a video file. If you're talking about the ingame cutsceens that's odd because they should show whatever your character has in hand.
  3. what's the full console command to get the combatrobe_10?
  4. Okay I found the problem. It was because I had disable vertex buffer objects=1 and not disablevertexbufferobjects=1 and to answer your question Mr. Holocron No. I was actually without a computer for the better part of a year and only installed the mods from my list to make sure things where consistant.
  5. So an Update. I swapped the tag and templates along with the model variations. but I'm not seeing any changes on the actual hilts my character holds. Though they do show up as eachother in the work bench. Is there something I overlooked. Also thanks for all your help so far. I'm still new to the modding scene.
  6. Is there a T3 equivilant to this mod?
  7. Okay so some context first. Mods I've installed are as follows. TSL restored content mod. The Graphical overhaul M478 Schematic Lightsaber Mod and the Coruscant Jedi Temple mod. I also should note that I saw the cutsceen of Nilius and visas mar early but that didn't really cause any bugs after I loaded a previous save when finishing the last ithorian quest. But this time the load previous save trick didn't work. I've been getting some crashes here and there but nothing I couldn't troubleshoot myself. Until now that is. Once I got to the polar region of Telos for the first time and walked to the academy doors the cutscene would automatically trigger that shows two handmaidens approaching the crashed shuttle and then the game closes itself. I'm not even shown the cutscene where you're surrounded. it just strait up plays the cutscene and then closes. Does anyone know how I can fix this?
  8. I'm not sure what I did wrong but the textures are glitched out for me.
    Hey OP, this mod is fantastic. I showed it to a friend and he helped me recolor the mod for a potential light side only variant. What do you think? PMBI80.tga