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  1. Woot! Great work there DP! Now let me try combining them with SS' Canderous Mandalorian helmet and djh269 texture (quick & dirty).... Version 1: Version 2: nice I'll pick this up again tommorow night... It's five minutes past midnight now and I need to sleep. I'll have to get up at 4 tommor.. i mean today
  2. Never thought someone would actually made a video modding tutorial for a 14-year-old game. I browsed the guys channel and he made several tutorial on some kotor fundamental modding knowledge... Well done sir
  3. Whoaaahh that sure looks very well done. Looks like we no longer need to contact Dak... We have the replacement here
  4. He's been inactive since July last year... Is there any other way to contact him?
  5. I played this game waaayy back in 2005 with lamer specs than yours (Graphic card was nVidia GeForce 2 MX with 64 Mb Memory) and it never had problems with framerate drop near force cages. It had problems with framerates drop all over the game ... Anyway, do you experience other issues with other games? Cause your problem might be because hardware failure. ASUS products are extremely hot compared to other brands...
  6. If you just need a saber hilt and blade color replacements, there are plenty of them here. But if you really mean to do some modding, for starters, you'll need. Kotor tool to extract game source files (.mdl mesh files and .tga textures) Mdlops to convert extracted .mdl files to readable ascii format Gmax/3D Max and NWMAX plugin or Blender (though I haven't tried using Blender) to import said ascii .mdl models and do some modeling/tweaking Various image editing programs (Photoshop, Gimp, etc) to edit .tga textures As for tutorial, you can start from here: and here Good luck
  7. Yeah, fits her very well... But is there a way to remove the skirt part?
  8. Wow, maybe we can simulate day/night cycle from this.