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  1. By chance do you know which format is supported for the switch version?
  2. I've looked at https://deadlystream.com/files/file/1716-sithcodec/ but I'm running on macOS, and would have to make this fake wave header myself. Do you know which MP3 format is supported: you said mono already, but is there any requirement in bitrate/sampling frequency?
  3. Thanks a lot @DarthParametric! I indeed forgot the subfolder structure in streamwaves. Apparently it also works with raw .wav files. Is there some versions of the game that are only compatible with mp3 (with fake wav header)? Cheers!
  4. Hi guys, As the title says, I'm trying to replace some alien voice with real speech audio files. Anyone has an experience in this subject? I realise I can edit the default alien sound override within the DLG files, but I can't replace with another sound file. The dialog triggers but no sound is playing while the character is speaking. Cheers!
  5. Yeah. I tried to decompile the XBE file, but still no "Punch it, Chewie!". However, I could figure out the free cam is there :
  6. I just looked in the XBox files to try to catch the string "Punch it, Chewie!". This is what is display in the feedback menu when you typed correcly the button combination. Strange thing : no trace of this string in the file "dialog.tlk", where everything is supposed to be stored... Maybe the freecam is harcoded in the executable.
  7. Go in the message menu and type : X, Left, A, X. Then you can quit the GUI and press R3 to enable the freecam. https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/xbox/556553-star-wars-knights-of-the-old-republic/cheats
  8. Hello there , Lately I was playing kotor on the original XBox (which I highly recommend if still have the console*), and there is a Freecam that we can unlock by a button combination. I've put an example video I made bellow. The thing is, contrarly to GLIntercept, the camera loads the environement dynamically so it allows to make really beautiful shots. However the resolution of the XBox is pretty low (not mentionning the fact that you need the appropriate hardware to capture with a good quality), and it would be really nice if it was available on PC ! Besides kotor2 have the same free cam but it's glitched out. So far, no one have seen a hair of this piece of code in the PC version. So I was wondering if any of you had already done the research or I you had any idea how to digg through the files. * : the gameplay is very different from the PC version, especially with the XBox controller, and you may like it more this way !
  9. Hello there :), Lately, I've been trying to edit the XYZ coordinates of the Player Character (PC) in a savegame. However, when the SAVEGAME.sav file is edited the game won't load it anymore. As far as I understood, the PC coordinates are located in the Module.ifo file in the ".sav" archive corresponding to the module we currently are. For example : "000000 - QUICKSAVE/SAVEGAME.sav/101per.sav/Module.ifo" To extract "Module.ifo" I've been using the unerf tool from xoreos-tool. Then I was able to edit the file using a gff editor (kGFF or gff2xml from xoreos-tools). In order to put everything back toguether, I used ether kotor-tool or the erf command (xoreos-tools again) to rebuild the archives "101per.sav" and "SAVEGAME.sav". When "SAVEGAME.sav" is replaced in the save folder, the game will get stuck on the loading screen (first quarter). In fact the game does not crash, the mouse appear and I can do ALT+F4 to end the game. Does anyone have an idea on when this process has gone wrong ? Cheers
  10. The pazaak cards in the hand of NPCs will be all zero. So they can not reach 20 by engaging hand cards. It simplifies a lot the pazaak game. The screenshot are not showing directly what this mod does since there is no physical representation of NPC pazaak hand cards.
  11. Is this mod compatible for other languages than english ?