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  1. okay, understood! thank you for getting back to me. since posting that, I came up with two other actual corrections: "far-sighted" should read "farsighted" "hate mongering" should read "hatemongering"
  2. thank you for this. although more of an English major type than a technical type, I have made an edit that I did crudely by by importing the Dialogue file with Atom for macOS and doing case-by-case search and replace. I don't know that if I removed all instances of "!!" and "?!" because then I started messing with the code. changes I made: changed "alright" into "all right". ("alright" does not break the rules of English usage but in more formal circumstances, it seems wrong. better to change all of them than none of them, in my opinion.) changed instances of "??", which just doesn't happen with standard English, into "?!" (I understand that the authors wished to emphasis an emphatic question here, so I did that.) changed instances of "!!" and "!!!" into simple exclamation marks. (again, I may not have done so in all instances so as not to mess with the code). I also changed your "meatbags" to "meat-bags", which to me looks better. I would post a copy of the file but then I just reread in your Read Me that you did not want altered versions of your mod circulating. but I can send you a copy if you like.
  3. I may have done this, yes. I used the TSL Patcher but did not where to install the new data. that sounds plausible. I then dragged the contents of the new Override folder into the larger Override folder which already existed in KOTOR Data.
  4. do I drag the contents of the new override folder into the override folder containing it, or leave it alone, or what? (I hope I have posted my question to the right sub-forum.)
  5. I have one complaint about this mod. the description does not state it, but it also changes the clothes worn by certain NPC's and I think that the description should say up front. for example, the Sith uniforms change to A New Hope-style Imperial uniforms.
  6. posting after an absence to say that, after using Porting Kit, I managed it at last!
  7. I don't have that. after it failed for the millionth time, I deleted my copy of the Restoration. I have a few important things to do, though, so I will wait until I have done those, then go through the motions with the installation process and put up the log, okay?
  8. I have the log right here. as you can see, it just sort of went bananas. K12 failure log.cxlog.zip
  9. all right. I will delete and then reinstall (via CrossOver) and append an installog. perhaps I should just converted all the mp3 files in the first place, versus trashing them) worked to a limit extent but I got a message which said (written from memory so possibly not exactly this) "k1command24.mp3 missing" and the installer refused to go further. inside the TSLPatcher folder I found another compressed archive also called TSLPatcher, which has nothing but MP3 files. I converted those all to wav. and then compressed the archive in the same format.
  10. earlier, thinking that installation might work if I deleted or converted all the MP3 files (the Mac version of KOTOR 1 uses .wav files and ignores .mp3 versions of the same files) but while I got slightly further, that also did not work.
  11. I have enclosed it. hope this works! in this instance, I did drag the K1R version of dialogue.tlk into KOTOR Data. I did not alter the program in any other way. I used CrossOver and not PlayOnMac. K12 failure log.cxlog.zip
  12. on the thread I created asking for help on the KOTOR subreddit, another user named lethesdonoi asked me to check permissions using Terminal. I did so and verified that, at least, in theory, I should not have any problem with it. also should say that I have 1) installed Character Startup Changes and walking fix mod on KOTOR 1 without any trouble using TSLPatcher and 2) even installed the Restoration mod a week or so ago (or at least part of it -- hadn't noticed it had more than one part )without any trouble. (I deleted that version of the game, though, because another mod, to change the default Soldier clothes, crashed the game before I even started. then I DL'ed a fresh copy from the App Store.) I could verify that I had successfully added it because the Impossible option appeared in my options settings. errr... I hope that all makes sense?
  13. I tried installing this mod on a MacBook Pro running 10.12.1 Beta using CrossOver. installing other smaller mods presented no problem but Restoration 1.2 failed. this error message appeared after I had made sure to replace the default dialogue.tlk file. this error message appeared when I had not altered dialogue.tlk. I got these messages on both instances after going back and doing clean installs, without any other mods. again, I did not have a problem adding other TSLPatcher-based mods, only Restoration 1.2.
  14. wearymad

    KotOR 1 Restoration

    I DL'ed 1.2 all right, but unzipping it did not work. (using a Mac, in case that helps.)