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  1. I think it might have something to do with Deadlystreams search function, as these issues seem to occur after I click on a mod page after I had performed a search. These seem to be random as recreating what I did when I first got the red screen doesn't seem to bring up that screen more than once, at least so far.
  2. One year later, and I've found another potentially bad piece of malware by visiting Deadlystream, this time I got a red screen telling me something like my Hard Drive might be damaged, and a pop-up window giving me some options including giving them a credit card number. MSE didn't pick this one up, but all I had to do was reset the computer without clicking anything else and everything seems to be normal. A quick scan with Malwarebytes turns up nothing, but did anyone else encounter anything like this recently, and did any anti-virus software detect anything from it?
  3. Finished this game with K1R about a month ago, Lashowe seems to be immortal if you try to fight her outside the Sith ruins, and you can't finish the K1R exclusive Pazaak tournament; you can't challenge the Champion to a game, and if you lose to the droid player (the last guy you can play if I remember correctly), the announcer will give you your payout infinite times instead of just once like he should.
  4. I want to know if it is possible to edit Dialog.tlk entries from the base game with TSLPatcher or any other tool without having to distribute the whole Dialog.tlk file. Particularly, I want to edit some Force Power descriptions and the class descriptions at the start of a new game, which to the best of my knowledge can't be edited any other way than through the Dialog.tlk file.
  5. Not sure where else to put this, but GOG actually updated Jade Empire recently and fixed a few bugs.
  6. Any way edits made to base game modules can be made without interfering with other mods that edit that same module? Or will we have to edit the module used by the mod if we want both that mod and any new changes we want to make?
  7. Is the non-Steam version of M4-78 1.3 being worked on by anybody, or is someone going to have to buy TSL Steam now that it's on sale, and remove the music from the mod themselves like with TSLRCM?
  8. A couple new questions; is there any way to edit the inventory of a placeable or creature that already exists on the map, or just new ones? The maps seem to be displayed at a different angle then they appear in the actual game's map screen, any way to adjust this? Finally, any chance of adding compatibility with Jade Empire? When I try to open a Jade Empire module with Kotor Toolset, it freezes up and I have to close it, while Kotor Tool will at least let me edit some parts of Jade Empire modules, such as scripts and dialog.
  9. Will the Sion vs. Nihilus fight be restored in this mod like the previous version tried to do?
  10. Ok, turns out the Gamorrean Stronghold does exist, but on Nexus Mods, it doesn't seem to break K1R, though it does restore the respawning Rakghouls glitch, and the mod itself seems unfinished. As for the trash compactor, there are a few unused references to it in Dialog.tlk, and there is a model for it called plc_trashcom.utp but the model seems to not have been worked on at all as nothing shows up if you try to place it in a map with Kotor Toolset.
  11. So I finally got around to trying out Kotor Toolset, and while parts of it seem better than Kotor Tool, it does have a few issues. When creating a new .UT file, it capitalizes the .UT extension by default, and it cannot be read in the game contents frame until you change the extension to all lower-case letters. Also, when first using Toolset, the window that asks you where Kotor 1 and 2 are seems to hint that you can tell it where those games are later if you don't do it now by changing the Options settings, but when I go to Options under View, I can't seem to find anything that allows me to tell it where Kotor 1 and 2 are. (I told it where Kotor 1 was, but not 2, and there doesn't seem to be any other feature that allows you to tell the program where those games are, meaning I'll have to delete the .ini file to do this.) Also, a few suggestions/questions about the Toolset. Will there be a zoom tool for the Area View window? Will we be able to create new areas instead of just editing them? Also, I was able to delete an object on the map by pressing the Delete key, but I had to figure that out on my own, it wasn't detailed in the Readme file, and I would have assumed you'd have to right-click to get an option to delete or click the object and hit backspace. Will there be better instructions or editing options in the next stable version? Also, keep in mind I used the version on Deadlystream, so some of these issues may or may not already be fixed. Thanks!
  12. Since we have a similar topic on K1R, I might as well ask which items can only be obtained by cheating, and which ones are restored by TSLRCM and other mods. Tried checking on KOTOR Tool which items are not in containers, but TSL seems to have a different system of distributing item drops than KOTOR 1, so it's not as reliable a method to check for missing items in this game. Only items I can think of that didn't make it and probably can't even be used are the ones with "prop" in their names.
  13. spacej

    Kotor Apeiron

    So I guess Battlefront 3 getting C&D'd by EA means we won't be seeing any mods recreating the cancelled KOTOR 3, either.
  14. There are also the 4 Bith instruments, implants called "Done" and "I need to...", as well as several pieces of armor that increase and even decrease saving throws.
  15. I actually put the ads web address in the Restriced Websites section of Internet Options so I don't see the ads, but it still somehow got through enough to pop up that MSE warning.