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  1. Was the female version finished ? I can't find it on the download section and it looks great !
  2. I installed the mod for canderous clothes but i forgot i had a replacement for him,now im The punisher
  3. im mostly looking for the k1 robes in black with 1 glove because i wanna look like luke skywalker in ep6 xD
  4. Hello everyone ! has anyone ever done (if its possible at all, lol) a robe with only 1 black glove like Anakin or Luke Skywalker in k1? Also is there a mod to add Canderous default clothes for male Revan?
  5. WOW that brown jacket skin looks really cool !
  6. I LOVE it ! the silver parts on the legs and arms are really cool,they remind me a lot to jango fett armor
  7. Hello everyone ,does anybody has this mod? I only found it on steamworkshop but I'd like to install it on the GOG version EDIT : Request done