Removing the waist robe/cloth from "Armored Robes for Jal Shey Armors Mod"

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Hello guys!

Would it be possible to remove the waist cloth from this mod? i'm looking for the first armor only tbh, the one with brown robe and white armor because it looks like the valiant jedi armor from swtor but the waist really bother me

1ab053cb29357f781ec2b40cee0e656d-untitle this is the mod with the armored robes


Anyway, thank you :)

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Not really. Basically, by removing those polygons you'd end up with holes in the model. That would mean you'd have to remodel and retexture most of the model to achieve the result you've described. In that case, editing any of the existing armors would require much less work to obtain the desired effect.

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