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    Version 1.0.0


    This mod will replace and update texture files. To Install 1. Download: Davik HD.rar 2. Copy all files to the Knights of the Old republic's Override folder. (Example location - C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\swkotor\Override) 3. When/if prompted to overwrite files, press okay. 4. If you like the mod; leave a comment or endorse! (It would be much appreciated) Made with love
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    Just before entering the Grove for the first time.
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    These are my take ways from attempting to mod KOTOR; motivated from my love for the game and disappointment from not having any official update in all these years I felt like I could give it a go. - Using more modern techniques to get meshes and textures out the door can be pretty fast - normal maps are not bad, not awesome but not bad, and with the help of bumping some of the geo out can look pretty good in game. but I would NOT cook out normals for items, cooking down flat/tile normals are handy, (walls, floors, "flat items") if your going to make chest, chairs, droids etc I would basically lean on smoothing groups or vert weighted normals for all the shapes, and if you want damage or chips all that good jazz you can give a flat blue normal some overlay damage in painter or PS. - end results just looking at this with no real texture love ,could look pretty cool The down shot - the tools and guess work to get anything in game is exhausting. I spent more time trail and error then actually making anything. Its more, like, yes its faster to make assets these days, but the more you put into the game the more the system starts to put up walls. Its kind of like trying to pack way too stuff into your luggage, yes it all going to fit? probably, but your in for a fight, and that fight is going to take a while. It could also be a learning curve on my part, so I would also take that into account. I also want to say thanks to DarthParametric for taking time to address my questions! Here are some shots of half done stuff, with, like I said no real texture love or unification here. Also started in on some HP heads, some funky jazz is going on with some of them or I would have more images up
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    OK so here's another comparison, this time with the star map timing adjusted and with the (re)addition of the vanilla lighting, as requested by @Sith Holocron. Although I did tweak the light in the first room to switch it from the original yellow colour to the blue of the light in the star map room. I've since made a minor FoV tweak to the last shot (from 11° to 12°) which hopefully should bring every shot to parity - or as close as I can make it - with the original. I think the only remaining changes are to open the door leading to the room where you encounter the droid (and Nemo's corpse), and delete the flag placeable in the computer room just visible off in the background of the close-up on Malak's face. Strangely the lights fixed the issue with the shading around Malak's eye sockets, which was a nice bonus. The only thing remaining that really bugs me now is the desync between the star map opening and the sound effect for it. This is present in the original video, so it's a problem with the audio track. I'm guessing they must have made a late adjustment to the animation after they had already finalised the audio. Or maybe it was just a mistake. Not sure what can be done to fix it. We could overlay a duplicate of the map opening SFX, but then you'd get a weird duplicate/echo thing going on. Maybe that back end of the audio track could be adjusted/stretched? That might screw up the music though. I guess I can try playing around with it.
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    Hi everyone, Here is a quick pic of a new Corellian beast, which will be found in the jungles on Corellia. Image is attached All thanks to Redrob41 art skills. With the topic of Upscaling textures, ...I know Redrob41 has been doing some and some of the new characters which might be upscaled vs the vanilla. I will need to touch base with him on the topic of how much will be upscaled. If we do Upscale all textures for RoR there will be a discussion on wither it will be part of the initial final game/mod or as a separate optional texture mod. I don't want to show you to much so we can surprise you all. We are plugging away at the mod with updates to the build every week. Logan23
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    I totally understand what your saying. I have been dealing with some real life stuff the past few months which has slowed the production to a crawl. Things are getting better and we have decided to make some changes to help with the workflow of the project. We were originally looking to release two planets which led to jumping back and forth from one planet content to another. We are now looking to just release planet by planet which will help keep our self focus. Both planets are in testing and adding some missing content. I cant say when the first planet will drop. This new change as well as others should help get planets to release and allow you guys to play it. The project isn't dead but it has its challenges and bumps in the road. Thanks for your support 😃 Logan23
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    I wouldn't necessarily say the mod is properly dead... the mod author is still determined to see it through to the end even though he isn't active on this forum. For fans following the project: Logan did, at one point in the past, cancel the project due to health reasons and only resumed development after several new modding tools were released which made world building much less tedious for him. Even though he's back to developing ROR those health reasons likely haven't gone away, when we consider this (alongside the Covid-19 pandemic and the global recession it caused) there are no doubt valid reasons why the development of ROR has been significantly delayed. At the end of the day: modding is a hobby and no modder is obliged to the mods that they've made or developed... so if a modder has health problems, employment obligations or other private issues it's common sense that modders focus on any of those reasons rather than their mods. As a ROR team member, I know ROR's behind the scenes development, but since I'm not Logan I cannot promise anything... though I can say if Logan was 100% certain he wanted to stop developing the mod he would announce it. As an insider, I can say development is still on-going, though fans should treat ROR like Sleheyron... SithSpecter hasn't cancelled Sleheyron though at the same time the Sleheyron thread has seen no activity for well over a year now. I personally have faith that SithSpecter is still working on Sleheyron albeit in total secrecy so that he may develop at his own comfortable pace. Like with Sleheyron, players shouldn't be tallying the days or checking for ROR/Sleheyron updates all the time, these mods will come when the developers are ready and when they release it'll catch us by complete surprise.