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    There are only vague concepts for a few quests based on David Gaider's early recollections of the planet. I do intend to stick to the basic premise of these quests, however I will make deviations as necessary where it makes sense. As far as cut modules, there really aren't any. There's some fairly complete geometry from the arena, which was not really in a state to be used. I modeled the current arena after it, but I made it open-air like a colosseum. For the rest of the areas, there are only screenshots of the street. I've done my best to remain faithful to those images in modeling the street. So it's all new content and models. Fortunately, the original textures from Sleheyron still exist within the game and I've used them extensively and added a few along the way.
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    Wow, I almost fell off my chair reading this. First of all, a big thank you for pulling this out. I wasn't sure I would get much attention with a datapad. But it's 2023 and everything is HD, 4K and AI upscaled. So I thought it would be cool to have a nice datapad in the Dantooine cutscene. Also you're right, the severed arm is a mess. That's a fact I've realized the hard way when I tried to adjust the main skin to the severed arm one. There were metal bits on the hand and arm at first try. But I hammered it when making the not so apparent broken screen (which I still need to make it better). So I do want to make different textures for both models. One shiny new with some animations options on the screen display. And a second one with a broken screen and some random damage (since it probably have been dropped on hard surface). With also animations options. I think I will edit my W.I.P. description. I just realized this while writing I should had use a 3D software to inspect it first. But my skills in editing models for KotOR are pretty limited. Besides importing a model, playing with the existant geometry, then exporting, that's it. So I don't know how to modify lightmaps or replacing and rigging models in KotOR. Again a big thank you for remaking this awful model. I will make sure to try it first. Also, rest assured, your name will be in the credits.
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    As much as I would love to have Yuthura as a companion, it's simply not in the scope of the mod at this point. A recruitment mod is quite different from a new planet and has quite a number of challenges that goes along with it, especially replacing another companion. I am solely focused on the already monumental task of adding a new planet.
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    Version 3.3.7a


    KotOR Savegame Editor is a Perl/Tk application used in the editing of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic savegame files. The following fields are currently editable: - Savegame name - Player name - NPC Name - Appearance (player and party) - Portrait (player and party) - Attributes - Skill Ranks - Equipment (player and party)*** - Feats (add/remove)** - Powers (add/remove)** - Cheats Used flag - Hit Points (current and max*) - Force Points (current and max*) - Experience Points (player and party) - Good/Evil rating - Credits - Time played - Class (see notes below)** - Levels - Current Party - NPCs - Global Booleans - Global Numerics - Gender - Min1HP - Inventory** - Influence (TSL only) - Chemicals (TSL only) - Components (TSL only) - Quests *=Note: Max Hit Points and Max Force Points, while editable appear to be calculated at the time the savegame is loaded. Therefore while these fields are editable, the game will change the values back to what it calculates as correct. It is therefore better to change your Wis/Cha and Con to affect your MFP and MHP. ** Not supported on Xbox Saves, will cause "Damaged Savegame" message. *** See special section for detailed instructions ----------------- Credits ----------------- tk102 for originally creating the KSE. Pazuzu156 for reporting the issue with the Cloud saves, as well as helping fix it and setting up a mirror for and creating the auto-updater. Chev Chelios for much discussion of how Steam worked, as well as creating the INI-Generation tool, KPF. ----------------- Before Using KSE ----------------- --------------- Intro to KSE --------------- ------------- Using KSE ------------- --------------------------------------------- Override Folder: Subdirectories NOT supported --------------------------------------------- ----------------------------- Notes About Feats and Powers ----------------------------- ------------------------- Reminder: No Safety Net! ------------------------- ----------------------------------------------- Notes regarding Class-changing/Adding/Removing ----------------------------------------------- -------------------------------- Notes regarding changing levels -------------------------------- ------------------------------- Notes about changing equipment ------------------------------- =============== Known Bugs =============== No saves found (You have Steam KotOR 2 and use cloud saves) ----------------------------------------------------------- Go to your KotOR 2 folder and make a folder called "saves". Inventory Hiccup ------------------ If an item is added to your inventory and it has the same Tag as another item, KSE will generate an error. Getting Stuck During Vision Sequence (KotOR1) ---------------------------------------------- Symptom: After leaving the Endar Spire or Leaving Taris, you run into a sequence where you should be seeing a "dream" cutscene but instead you're locked up in a room with a "CutStart" object that doesn't do anything. Cause: You have NOT placed the modified .dlg files into your override directory and you have changed your character to a Jedi/Minion/Droid class or you have changed your Gender to something other than Male or Female. Fix: Download the KSE Fixed Cutscene Files (available from http://www.pcgamemods.com/8800 ) and place the .dlg files into your Override folder. ============================================== After changing appearance to look like (an NPC), the real NPC has no head! --------------------------------------------------------------- Symptom: You change appearance to look like one of your party NPCs and all is well until you attempt to enter a new area with that NPC. Then the NPC loses its head! Cause: SW:KotOR doesn't like two unique characters appearing together. Fix: From T7Nowhere's post on Holowan Labs-- =============================================================== Equipment Section ------------------ Due to an unknown bug, the Equipment branch might become unusable. The only fix is to restart KSE. ================== Please report bugs to zxcvbnm6012@yahoo.com 11/7/13 - In addition, please report bugs to tristongoucher@gmail.com Thank you. - Fair Strides.
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    You should be covered then. There's not really any other advice I can offer.
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    Just realised I screwed up and accidentally left the vanilla arm mesh in the replacement PLC_SevrdArm model. Deleted that and recompiled the two versions of that. The stump bit on the new arm is pretty half-assed. Maybe I'll look at redoing that. Won't impact the datapad itself though, since that's now broken out to its own texture. Something else you could do, since the screens are now separate meshes in both for self-illum, is to give them their own unique texture. That way you would be maximising pixel density, since the animated texture would only be the screen itself, not any of the housing/case (the screen is only 1/4-1/3 of the vanilla texture). Let me know if you want to do that. Also forgot to mention these were compiled for K1. I'm not sure if they get used in TSL. K1_Datapad_Placeable_Replacement_Models_v2.zip K1_Datapad_Placeable_plc_sevrdarm_Alternate_Texture_v2.zip
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