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  1. Yes there will be two different animation for the datapads. In fact, the default models already use different textures. But now with the great work of DarthParametric, not only the datapads will have different textures. But they will also have a HQ model and higher resolution screens.
  2. Adding datapads on desks at some key points in the game was in my plans. But right now I trying to fix something in my txi file. I'm doing some tests. I'm also trying to make a good looking texture for your model. It's very high in details and I want to give the proper work to honor your model. At that point I might give up on a broken screen. The model is beautiful as it is and I don't want to ask for more since you've already gave so much. I'll try to make the animation look like it's bugged and in a loop. Adding static and some swirls lines to add some effect. I also said I will try to give the players some animations options. So I'll work on this for the week-end
  3. I will look at this. I'm not sure how this works. But I'll definitely try it. One thing was sure. I'm playing in 1440p and under 1024 pixels the crack screen don't really shows. It looks more like a bird poop or splashes of white paint. That's why I've chose to make the animation more bugged like they do in movies with smashed tech. But your new made from scratch model might be the fix for the animation. It could be more clear and the overlay might show more.
  4. Holy... I don't know what to say. I think this project became bigger than what I had in mind. That became a fact I will definitely have to test this to see where I'm going at that point. I'm afraid that my texture sampling is not even that high. It was high enough for the old models. I guess I will have to learn more about free A.I. Upscaling textures. I now remember what I said to myself when I got back at modding this game... "Start with something small like this datapad. Finish it with the best of your abilities. If people likes it... Keep going. If not... Go back in the shadows" I'll do my best to pay hommage to this awesome quality piece of work
  5. Small Update I've made a concept for the screen. Since I'm not that talented in painting. I've use some of my texture to build this small animation of the broken screen. Right now making a broken glass is beyond my skills. It look like white paint in the screen. So I opted to static with a VCR like noise. Here is a lame render in Model Viewer. If someone knows how to change the axis in the view. Let me know.
  6. Why is that? It was cool seeing two ripped off arms I can't test it for TSL. I did not installed this game. But both default textures should work since I've decided to use both default UV Mapping references you gave me. So, if the models are not supported. The textures should be and for both options. But I confirm your model is fully corrected and working
  7. Wow, I almost fell off my chair reading this. First of all, a big thank you for pulling this out. I wasn't sure I would get much attention with a datapad. But it's 2023 and everything is HD, 4K and AI upscaled. So I thought it would be cool to have a nice datapad in the Dantooine cutscene. Also you're right, the severed arm is a mess. That's a fact I've realized the hard way when I tried to adjust the main skin to the severed arm one. There were metal bits on the hand and arm at first try. But I hammered it when making the not so apparent broken screen (which I still need to make it better). So I do want to make different textures for both models. One shiny new with some animations options on the screen display. And a second one with a broken screen and some random damage (since it probably have been dropped on hard surface). With also animations options. I think I will edit my W.I.P. description. I just realized this while writing I should had use a 3D software to inspect it first. But my skills in editing models for KotOR are pretty limited. Besides importing a model, playing with the existant geometry, then exporting, that's it. So I don't know how to modify lightmaps or replacing and rigging models in KotOR. Again a big thank you for remaking this awful model. I will make sure to try it first. Also, rest assured, your name will be in the credits.
  8. Hi everyone, I was wondering if someone would have the time, or be kind enough, to export as an image, the UVMaping of plc_datapad.mdl and plc_sevrdarm.mdl (both datapads models). I have a W.I.P. right here and it would be of great help in the fine tuning stage of this mod. As of right now I can't install 3DS Max or any other 3D software for technical reasons. Of course, I will add the user name in the credits. Thanks in advance
  9. It was an idea I had many years ago. Never found the time to go through the concept. Then Lucas forums closed. But now I have some to wrestle this. Since 2023, everything is in HD, 4K, AI Upscaled. So I thought, why not make a new texture for the datapad for the Dantooine cutscene. I've redone the texture of both datapads models (regular and with severed arm). I tried to upscale the textures with some success. Now I don't have a working 3DS Max license nor the will to re-learn the tools of Blender 3D. So I didn't unwrap the UV Mapping to see where everything goes. But it a start. I was inspired by this concept. I also plane to add animations choices for the display screen. I will also rework the texture of the datapad on the severed arm. My broken screen don't real shows and I want to add some random damages on the metal. It surely had been dropped on the floor, if the arm was ripped off or something in this line of idea. Here are the results Addendum... DarthParametric has answered a call to aid here, by remaking the severed arm model and by providing me the UV Mapping images of both datapads models. I'm adding his great contribution to this project as stipulated in the request.
  10. My W.I.P. and personal mods


    One word... Wow!
  12. I like what you did with the lights. This texture is use in almost every lights on Taris
  13. Nice finishing work. All those parts are nicely printed. Beautiful piece of art there I'm at my 16 printing with filament. My nephew kept breaking them. So I made one based on the hero prop Luke use in ROTJ. I made it with fewer parts and an empty core to incorporate a steel rod to keep the printed model from breaking. It also serves as a mount for the carbon ski stick I insert on top. If only I had a printer when I was a kid lol.


    Bandon looks like a toddler doing the bacon on floor
  15. Great mod overall. But this mod crashes the game at Kashyyyk because of the wookie warblade texture. I think the tpc is corrupted. I've tried to use the TSL version, but it was the same thing. Even when we try to see it with TPCView. The software keep trying to load it without success. The bug stopped when I removed this texture from the override. Overall it's great to have a mod that improves those ugly stun rods and axes.